Types of Window Handles

Our range of double glazing window handles is comprehensive to say the least! Whether you are searching for key lockable or non locking window handles we will have something to suit your application and design. Finding the right window lock couldn't be easier. Just use our filters to the left to help you find the most appropriate colour, size and style for your windows. If you require window handles for wooden windows" href="/window-handles/window-latches">locking window handles for wooden windows or handles for upvc windows" href="/window-handles/espag-window-handles">locking window handles for upvc windows you can choose from the colours and the different designs with ease knowing that the handles for your windows are the best quality and value anywhere!

Double Glazing window handles With Locks

It has been a requirement of insurance companies for some years now to fit locks to upvc window handles into ground floor opening windows and windows close to flat roofs etc. You can read more about locking double glazed window handles for insurance purposes in this guide produced by the Association of British Insurers.

Todays double glazed window handles tend to be a little more sophisticated utilising a barrel type lock as opposed to an Allen key design or even simpler than that in previous eras! Almost all of the handles found on new double glazed windows these days are espag window handles which helps a lot when it comes to replacing them. It is well worth reading the ABI guide as it offers much advice about the quality and type of lock, although it has to be said that is more the case with door locks as opposed to window handles for obvious reasons.

When you browse through our replacement double glazing window handles range you will no doubt wonder if you will have a problem with too many window handle keys! There can be a lot of window handles in your property and if they are replaced at the same time with the same design or model of window handle (regardless of colour or size) you will get the same key throughout! You can also get spares if you bought them from this website as we realise the need to carry spares for the future when the keys are lost! Finally, if you are just so confused by it all then why not look through our guide on handles for upvc windows as all the different types are discussed or try the guide on window handles for timber windows if you have the wooden versions! If you are struggling with terminology then for the purposes of this website we class window latches as handles for timber windows although cockspur window handles can be referred to on either a upvc or a timber window!

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