Door Chains

Door Chains - suit most uPVC and timber doors with their slimline bracket design and a heavy duty design gives peace of mind! produce a number of door security products and door chains are just one of them. These door chains are perfect for securing the door whilst the door is ajar. Their heavy duty nature keep the door restrained and can be used on upvc or timber doors.

Quick Tips & Links

Door chains can be fitted to most doors. Slimline brackets make them suitable for upvc.

Are your door chains easy to fit to upvc doors?

They can be awkward in two respects so best to make some assessment of how you would fit the door chain before going too far. The problems usually occur with either a limited amount of frame to fit the chain bracket to (16mm needed) or getting an adequate fixing into the cavity of the pvc door.

How is the door chain fitted?

The 'L' shaped bracket fits onto the opening leaf of the door and the chain bracket fits onto the outer frame. The best way to ensure the door chain is correctly positioned is to hand-try the position first to make sure that the chain slack will allow the door to open sufficiently without being too tight and yet ensuring the chain is not too slack that someone could disengage it from the outside.

Are the fixings suitable for upvc doors?

Not always. The fixings provided are for timber doors in the form of self-tapping screws and can be used for the chain side but you will need to carefully consider fixings to ensure the door doesn't get wrenched open easily under a minimum force. You may need to buy separate fixings for upvc doors.

How does the door chain work?

The ring at the end of the chain should be placed under the thin bracket and the bracket screwed down to the frame. This will allow the chain to dangle down the frame or you can hook it up on the top of the bracket via a special return on the bracket itself when not in use.When you need to engage the chain you then engage the flat section of the chain through the slot in the big 'L' bracket.