Pewter Door Handles

Pewter Door Handles are all the rage at the moment and here we have spared no expense to find some of the best value pewter effect Door Handles that can be used on doors with locks, latches and even bathroom thumbturns. A real rustic door handle presence which now is complimented by further matching pewter door furniture items to help with front doors and different types of door locks needed for various handles.

Are these real Pewter Door Handles?

Pewter is a metal that has been around for a very long time and is still used for many purposes like tableware, tankards, candlesticks, photoframes and other household items including handles. The primary constituent of Pewter is Tin and is present to a level of approximately 90% with the other 10% being made up of Copper and Antimony. The two latter elements provide the hardness for the otherwise soft tin metal. For those into history there is an Act of Parliament from 1503 where all Pewter manufacturers had to 'hallmark' their goods and this is a practice that lives on for those reputable manufacturers that still make items from Pewter. If you want to learn more about the material Pewter then read up more at The Pewter Society.

So onto Door Handles and for some reason there seems to be a great mystique surrounding pewter door handles because technically they are not made from Pewter in the vast majority if not all cases. The term Pewter is used by many manufacturers and retailers alike to reflect a style and rustic appearance which can look incredibly authentic and let's face it there may be some merit in that as using Pewter for a door handle may not be the strongest material for what is effectively a malleable material. So in answer to the question are these pewter door handles, yes they are but they are not made from Pewter! That at least will help those discerning customers to argue more forcibly with those making suggestions otherwise!

Hand Forged Pewter Door Handles

Hand forged door handles are growing in popularity as many customers look for more charm and rustic appearance to older period type properties, or even modern ones made to look old! Hand forging basically means heating the metal up to high temperatures and smashing it into shape all nicely and correctly as would befit the high skill and involvement of a real craftsman! That was the way most things were made from metal so many hundreds of years ago and the whole process is still replicated in much the same way now as it would have been then. Each hand forged pewter door handle is individually made and this leads to a sense of real authenticity and undoubtedly higher prices for what is a labour intensive process by very skilled craftspeople. So customers be aware that the charm of hand forged items is appealing for many reasons and the individuality cannot be understated but no two items are exactly the same. That is why you want rustic door handles that are hand forged after all isn't it?

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Latch, lock and bathroom versions available for each model.