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Changing your upvc door furniture is a challenge at the best of times but not so here! We pride ourselves in a comprehensive range of upvc hardware suitable for modern and old doors where replacement parts are not so easy to find! Check out the different sizes and select from a range of colours for a truly enhanced look to your upvc door. Remember to use our guides and Wizards to help select correctly and you'll be well on your way to saving yourself a small fortune!

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Finding the correct upvc door handle is the hardest job so use our Wizard below to help.

What is the best advice to consider when replacing upvc door furniture?

In a nutshell.. don't impulse buy.

The main furniture items on a upvc door would be considered the letterbox, the door handle and the door knocker, and these are the items you need to spend the most research time on. The older your door the more unlikely it may be to find replacement door furniture. A good place to start is the Handlestore website as we carry many of the older sizes from our stocked warehouse.

There is one important point to make on each of these products:

  1. UPVC door handles - the screws, key-hole and spindle pass through a lockcase inside the door so you need to find handles with the same positions for all three. You cannot just drill new positions for screws. Use our upvc door handle compatibility checker for how to measure upvc door handles for inline handles or offset upvc door handles.
  2. UPVC Letterboxes - these always have a sleeve/liner which blocks off the cavity inside the door or panel. You will need to ensure your new letterbox can fit through the pre-cut aperture in your door. Follow our guide on how to find the correct size of upvc letterbox.
  3. UPVC door knockers are held in with two screws that pass through the door. You need to find the same screw positions on your new knocker. We have found a way to get around this using a variable fix door knocker as shown in the video.

The rest of the items like door numbers, door chains, weathering drip bars are more forgiving and new items can be added relatively easily disguising the old screw holes.

Can I get a matching colour for all my upvc door furniture?

Yes you can in a lot of cases but, depending on the age of your door, it may come down to finding something that will fit in the first instance as hardware manufacturers don't always make every colour for the older size door furniture. Like the saying almost goes, you can have any colour as long as it is white! That may be the only option for many older doors.

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