Rim Knobs

Choose from our range of rim knobs to compliment your existing or new rim lock. Available in a choice of styles and finishes to suit most applications from interior bedroom doors to exterior front doors.

Quick Tips & Links

Rim knobs only fit rim locks so be sure you have the correct type for your door.

Can I use any door knob for my rim lock?

No. Rim knobs have a different design whereby the inside knob that fits onto the rim lock is without a rose to allow it to seat down onto the rim lock.

Are rim knobs sprung?

They are not sprung as the lock should contain the spring and the combination of the two should make it easy to operate even without a spring.

How easy are these rim knobs to fit?

They are no more difficult than any other door knob and can be set up very easily onto the spindle.

Can I use a rim lock on any door?

Generally speaking you can. Bedroom doors are common as are front and back exterior doors. In the case of exterior doors these locks are generally a secondary lock particularly if security is needed on the door.

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