Bathroom Locks

bathroom locks require a little more attention when you are replacing the door handles in your house. Most handle ranges have the bathroom variant to cope with the different types needed when revamping handles for doors. Bathrooms very obviously require a privacy lock and these are usually accommodated by a thumbturn assembly that works with a separate sashlock. Some older handles, known as Privacy Handles, have a special mechanism built inside the handle that will act as a lock, and therby negates the need to rout a sashlock inside the door itself ( a small hole is needed for the thumbturn spindle). These can be viewed from this bathroom locks range and are noted as Z206 and Z207.

Bathroom sashlocks are a case unit that is routed into the door. It looks a little like your front door sashlock, or at least those found on a timber/wooden front door. Instead of a key operation the lock is replaced with a small 5mm spindle hole. This hole allows the thumbturn to pass through from one side of the door to the other. Turning the thumburn unit will then move the spindle and operate the sashlock to its locked or unlocked position. You will notice the thumbturn assemblies are available to purchase from this bathroom locks page and these will then work with any sashlock that has a 5mm spindle hole. As an example you can use a DL04 bathroom sashlock and a Z722 thumturn assembly. Remember to buy both if it is a new door. When using any thumbturn assembly you will notice that the outer rose contains an egress slot. This is for emergency should you require access and anything could be used like a coin to turn the lock. When puchasing a bathroom sashlock do check which size you need as the two standrad sizes are 2.5 inch and 3 inch. These are typical sizes you will find and can be measured as the overall depth of the lockcase unit inside the door.

Privacy door handles are an older design of bathroom handle but still very much sought after. All you need is a tubular latch in your door and the handle does the rest. Inside the back plate of the handle is a lever that works against the thumbturn itself. Turning the thumbturn in the one direction will then stop any movement of the handle lever. This is a very easy way to fit a privacy lock to your bathroom door. You will need to drill a clearance hole through the door in the correct position for the thumbturn spindle to pass through from one side of the door to the other and that's all that is needed.


Using a lever rose door handle requires the following components:

  • DL04 sashlock + Z722 thumbturn (or alternative) + any lever rose door handle.

Using a lever backplate door handle requires the following components:

  • DL04 sashlock + any bathroom door handle (thumbturn built into the plate).

Using a privacy door handle requires the following components:


Quick Tips & Links

Most bathroom sashlocks work off a 5mm spindle with a thumbturn operation. Sashlocks are 57mm centres between the handle spindle and the thumbturn spindle. Some older models may be bigger or smaller like 47mm and 72mm.