Spindle Sleeves

These sleeves can be used to increase the spindle size by 1mm from 7mm to 8mm. Used for espag window handles and door handles with 7mm spindles. If your espag window handles are 8mm spindles i.e. such as found on timber Scandanavian windows then these are perfect and allow you to use any of the espag handles we show on this website. These spindle sleeves can be used separately or in tandem combination - 20mm and 30mm spindles available. Also for door spindles that are 7mm!

Quick Tips & Links

These sleeves fit over certain spindle sizes and act as shims. Check the details of each.

Where are these spindle sleeves used?

These spindle sleeves are used on door handles and some window handles with spindles. They allow the use of smaller spindles to be adapted to a thicker size.

What sizes are available?

You can convert 5mm spindles to 8mm, and 7mm spindles to 8mm.

How are they fitted?

Using these sleeves is just as easy as sliding the sleeve onto the spindle.

Typical uses:

  1. Converting uPVC door handles with 7mm spindles to 8mm. Place the sleeves into each door handle and keep the 7mm spindle.
  2. Converting espag window handle spindles from 7mm to 8mm; typically found on timber windows with multi-point locks.
  3. Converting old interior door locks with 5mm spindles using an 8mm size spindle handle. The grey adapter is best for this.

Will the sleeves fall off the espag handles when in the window?

The sleeves themselves are made from spring steel and can be closed in slightly to give a good transition fit. There shouldn't be a gap at the end of the spindle that would allow either a 20mm or 30mm sleeve.

Can I use multiple sleeves on the same spindle?

Yes you can and there are two sizes (20mm and 30mm) which can be slid onto a spindle.