uPVC Door Handles

When it comes to upvc door handles there isn't much we don't know and that's why we are a leading authority for old upvc door handles here in the UK. This section of our website allows you to review the common types of Double Glazing Door Handles that are still available. This includes the most popular types of upvc door handles where various lock sizes have been used over the years. This in itself presents a problem when trying to find the correct handles for upvc' target='_self' >door handles for upvc frames. With so many different lock manufacturers finding the correct upvc handles can prove to be very difficult. That's why we have produced a quick guide to show you how to measure upvc door handles and this makes life a lot easier. At this point it is helpful to know that the positioning of the screws, the euro lock and the levers will determine the replacement double glazed door handles you need. The point being that the screws pass through the lockcase inside the door. If you are wondering if these handles can be used on aluminium and timber doors then the answer is yes provided they have a euro lock cylinder. Why not check out our new stainless steel upvc door handles with a 25 year guarantee.

So Many uPVC Door Handle Types To Choose From

Upvc is the largest replacement market out of all the exterior door types in the UK and is the one that causes the most replacement difficulty. There have been so many different lock manufacturers over the years and they all tend to use different sizes for their upvc door handles. Hoppe upvc door handles are very popular as are other manufacturers but broadly speaking these handles break down into different PZ measurements. The most common of these PZ measurements are: 92mm, 70mm, 68mm and 47mm. In simple terms this is the size between the centre of the lever spindle and the centre of the key hole. From here you then need to match up the measurements for the positioning of the screws. There are many upvc front door handles available so if you are uncertain about the different lock types for exterior doors then read our guide to front door handles to learn more. Front doors are an exterior door so security is important when replacing your old upvc door handles. These guides will be particularly important when asking the questions how to replace upvc door handles and how to measure them. You will come across some variations so take note of other alternatives like:

Pad door handles: a pad design for easier grip but usually associated with split spindle locks or offset twin spindle locks.

Door handles with a snib: a hold-open snib feature to retain the lock in its open position.

Security door handles: TS007 security approved door handles that achieve the 2 star British Standard rating.

French door handles without keyholes: handles without a keyhole or in some cases a lever for the slave side of the double door.

Patio door handle for sliding exterior doors: found on sliding upvc, aluminium and timber doors.

Old Double Glazing Door Handles Are very Hard To Find

The old aluminium double glazed doors all had a PZ measurement of 47mm but unfortunately this was discontinued not long after the uPVC door took over in the market, and because of the functionality needed through offset spindles the 47mm size was too small and this then became standardised as 92mm on aluminium doors. To help customers we have a lengthened backplate for a 47mm PZ aluminium door handle which may help to re-position the fixings through the door as unfortunately very few 47mm aluminium door handles now exist.