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Lever Pad uPVC Door Handles

UPVC offset door handles are more widely known as lever pad door handles with a pad on the outside. Some pad door handles are inline with the lever but some are off-set for key-entry. If your upvc pad handles don't have offset spindles then you may need replacement upvc door handles with an inline lever arrangement.

Off Set Door Handles

These upvc offset door handles are a brilliant feature for upvc doors but sadly they are in decline! The rich feature they offer is that when the door is closed the door cannot be opened from the outside but can be opened from the inside. Perfect if your door opens straight out onto the street! The alternative to this is the more conventional set of lever lever upvc door handles which are inline and operate off one spindle, and of course it means that the door remains open until key locked.

So can these lever pad door handles be fitted to any double glazed door? Unfortunately they can't as you need a special lock case inside the door and this is the expensive part. Most upvc door manufacturers tend to fit the inline single spindle handle set  with a simple inline lock and this usually means you are stuck with it unless you replace the lock case and maybe the multipoint lock as well. On some of the older locks you may be lucky as the offset spindle arrangement may have been incorporated into the lock case but never used so it is worth getting the handles and the lock case off the door and observing if there is a second hole for the spindle.

92/62 uPVC Offset Door Handles

This size is quite popular for offset upvc door handles and all it tells you is the spindles are 30mm apart with the inside lever being a 92mm size from the lever to lock and the outer pad handle being 62mm from the pad to the lock. This is a fairly common size arrangement for lever pad upvc door handles but by no means a standard size as other offset handles and locks can be 92/70 as well as other sizes. This will be further complicated by the fact the fixing holes will be in different positions for the various 92/62 handles and that's why we have prepared this guide How To Measure uPVC Offset Door Handles.


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  • uPVC door handles with a pad are generally offset and lock the door. Some are inline and may have split spindles.


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