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upvc offset door handles are more widely known as lever pad door handles with a pad on the outside. Some pad door handles are inline with the lever but some are off-set for key-entry. If your upvc pad handles don't have offset spindles then you may need replacement upvc door handles with an inline lever arrangement.

Off Set Door Handles

These upvc offset door handles are a brilliant feature for upvc doors but sadly they are in decline! The rich feature they offer is that when the door is closed the door cannot be opened from the outside but can be opened from the inside. Perfect if your door opens straight out onto the street! The alternative to this is the more conventional set of lever lever upvc door handles which are inline and operate off one spindle, and of course it means that the door remains open until key locked.

So can these lever pad door handles be fitted to any double glazed door? Unfortunately they can't as you need a special lock case inside the door and this is the expensive part. Most upvc door manufacturers tend to fit the inline single spindle handle set  with a simple inline lock and this usually means you are stuck with it unless you replace the lock case and maybe the multipoint lock as well. On some of the older locks you may be lucky as the offset spindle arrangement may have been incorporated into the lock case but never used so it is worth getting the handles and the lock case off the door and observing if there is a second hole for the spindle.

92/62 uPVC Offset Door Handles

This size is quite popular for offset upvc door handles and all it tells you is the spindles are 30mm apart with the inside lever being a 92mm size from the lever to lock and the outer pad handle being 62mm from the pad to the lock. This is a fairly common size arrangement for lever pad upvc door handles but by no means a standard size as other offset handles and locks can be 92/70 as well as other sizes. This will be further complicated by the fact the fixing holes will be in different positions for the various 92/62 handles and that's why we have prepared this guide How To Measure uPVC Offset Door Handles.


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uPVC door handles with a pad are generally offset and lock the door. Some are inline and may have split spindles.

Why are lever pad upvc door handles used on a door?

This type of handle has some profound differences in lock functionality to the general lever type  of upvc door handles found on most doors. Lever pad upvc door handles can be inline and operate from one single spindle or independently from each side of the door using two inline spindles or two offset spindles.

The pad is always found on the outside of the door and is usually offset to the inner lever handle (two spindles are present). This means that the lever on the inside and the pad on the outside act independently from each other. The benefit being that when the door is closed the pad will not open the door without the key. Standard upvc door handles that have inline levers (and operate from one spindle) will open from the outside without the key unless deadlocked from the inside.

Do lever pad upvc door handles stop people being able to walk in through the door from the outside when closed?

Generally that will be the case. If the lever pad works off one spindle (inline) then that will not be the case. It all depends on whether the pad handle has two spindles that are offset to each other or meet in the middle of the lock (inline).

Can lever pad upvc door handles be used instead of lever/lever door handles?

That is sometimes possible but not for every lock. You will need to determine the correct handle to fit your door and then check to see if a pad version is available. Lever pad door handles can work with locks that have a single spindle, offset spindles (two) or two inline spindles but it will depend which lock you have. If you don't have a split inline lock already then you can't change to this functionality but it is possible that an inline lever lock has the second spindle hole needed. You would need to dismantle the lock case from the door in this case and then find the offset handles you need. A good place to start is to use the matrix guides here: how to measure upvc door handles.

lever pad upvc door handles with offset spindles

Offset lever pad upvc door handles

lever pad upvc door handles with inline spindle

Inline lever pad upvc door handles

How do I replace a lever pad handle?

In order to successfully replace a set of upvc lever pad handles on your door you need to ensure the screws, lever, pad and key-hole positions are in the correct place. This is important as the screws, cylinder and lever/pad spindle(s) have to pass through holes in the lock case which is inside the door. You won't be able to just pick any handle.

Measure the important sizes on the handle using this how to measure upvc offset door handles.

Once you have found the correct upvc offset door handles then you need to read the details of the handle to ensure the screws and spindle are the correct length for the thickness of the door you have. If your door thickness is outside of the quoted range for the screws and spindle then you need to order a different length at the same time as the handles. Door thicknesses vary greatly within the uPVC door market. Spindles and screws will be shown under the Related Products within the handle details page.

What is included with a set of lever pad upvc door handles?

The handles are sold as a pair for the inner and outer sides of the door along with screws and spindles. The cylinder lock is not included but can be ordered separately or the existing one maintained.

Are these lever pad handles handed?

The handles we show are all photographed in the same direction but the vast majority of them can be used either way around on the door. The important thing to remember is to keep the screws on the inside and then turn the lever around to the correct direction when installing them. Those that are handed will require you to select from a drop-down box when ordering.

What is the most common failure of a lever pad door handle?

In our experience we see levers that come off the backplate and we also see 'drooping' levers.

Levers that break from the backplate are almost always caused by the spindle being too short. We recommend the door thickness and spindle lengths needed within the details of each handle and if this isn't followed and the spindle is too short the levers will weaken and come away from the backplate. The spindle is what gives the handle its strength and must be inserted into the handle lever sufficiently. This will affect your guarantee if it is not followed.

Drooping levers are a slightly different problem and can't always be blamed on the handle. A lot of upvc door handles do have springs within them and these can also be replaced most times. This is a big help but the main spring is within the lock case itself and if that deteriorates and you can't get a replacement sprung handle then you will be forced to change the lock case.

What material are the lever pad upvc door handles made from?

Lever pad handles are made for exterior use so the general engineering of the handle will be robust. We select carefully the better manufacturers from the UK and Europe who will have tested the handles and will provide guarantees. Most of the handles are either die-cast aluminium or a zinc alloy.

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