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Sliding patio doors are an essential part of many architect designs for houses right across the United Kingdom. It is also one of the most vulnerable areas of a property which is why it is highly recommended to have additional security fitted. The P15 patio door lock can be applied to many different types of patio frames, comes in three different finishes and are available as a keyed alike pair. When installed they can help prevent your home being a target of an intruder. For any further information on patio door locks visit the links here. How To Fit A P15 Patio Door Lock

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Most insurers require two retro-fitted patio locks per sliding door.

Why are extra locks needed on sliding patio doors?

Over the years it has become well known that sliding patio doors are vulnerable to forced entry via various techniques. To help overcome this insurance companies insist that extra locks have to be fitted to the inside of the door that are key locking.

Where do you fit these locks on the door?

It is a requirement to fit two locks on each sliding door, one at the top and one at the bottom of the frame. They are usually fitted on the sliding door and the bolt would engage into the outer frame utilising a special catch or receiver.

Can these locks be used on aluminium doors and uPVC?

They can be used on any of the different frame types but obviously fixing must be considered carefully as each is different. In the case of aluminium doors it may involve the use of rivets and for upvc adequate screws must be used to ensure the locks cannot be jemmied from the door easily.

Is it possible to have the locks operate from one key pattern?

Yes they can be keyed-alike and replacement keys can also be purchased. These options are available from the website when ordering.

P15 sliding patio door lock.

How to install the P15 patio door lock guide.