The patio door is one of the most vulnerable areas of a property, which is why many homeowners do not hesitate to have additional security in their family home. For simple installation and effective results for meeting home insurance requirements here are three simple steps to fitting the P15 patio door lock.

Easy Fitting Guide. Patio door locks accessories

Caution: Before selecting the position of the lock within the sliding door, ensure that the position will be clear of the glass and door roller mechanisms.

  1. In a closed door position select the position for the lock.
  2. Locate lock mechanism, in unlocked position at 2.5mm from face of the sliding frame. Mark and Location to fit patio door locks diagram drill the two 3mm diameter holes. Do not allow any of the drill cuttings to enter the back of lock(s).
  3. With the door still closed, push end of bolt to mark the centre of hole to be drilled in frame. Now open the door and drill a 12.7mm hole we just marked. Place the Ferrule into this hole.

Operation – push in the lock barrel to lock. Turn the key clockwise locating fixing centres for a patio door lock step B to open.

Security Tips – we recommend fitting patio door locks at the top and bottom of doors for extra security.

Maintenance – use a moist cloth only to clean all types of finish, household abrasives or solvents many affect the surface finish. how to fit a ferrule for a sliding patio door lock, step C

When applied, the P15 patio door lock will give you extra security to help prevent intruders entering your home. Sliding patio doors have their own vulnerabilities. This mechanism when applied correctly can help prevent the doors from being lifted off their tracks and restrict the burglar from gaining entrance to a property. To view our video showing how the patio door lock operates or you want to purchase this product please view the following links.

View the P15 sliding patio door lock video

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