Cockspag Window Handles

Replacement Cockspag window handles for old uPVC windows where both a cockspur wedge and a spindle are present. These hybrid handles provide more security than  conventional cockspur window handles or espag window handles (although older perimeter locks may leave a little to be desired these days!). If you are not sure what type of window handles you need or are still at base one trying to find the correct type of handle you can visit a few more links to help you such as our upvc window handles or our locking double glazing window handles pages.

Quick Tips & Links

Cockspag window handles are handles for old upvc windows relying on a spindle and a cockspur.

What is a Cockspag Window handle?

This is a hybrid handle that incorporates the features of both an espag window handle and a cockspur window handle. Effectively the window locks by turning a spindle which in turn locks the espag locks around the window. The cockspur nose of the handle also locks against a wedge block for extra security. Other types of window handles exist so be sure to yuo are referring to the correct handle here.

My handle has a rounded spindle not a square one?

If you have a round cranked spindle then this handle can't be directly replaced. These handles were used by St Helens Glass on some of the very first double glazed windows. The only way to get around this is to use a separate lock on the window like a Frame-guard window lock along with a conventional cockspur handle like the W66 Cockspag handle but without the spindle (fixings are 43mm on this handle).

What do I need to know to replace this Cockspag handle?

You need to check the fixing centres are 43mm (2 screws), the length of the 7mm square spindle and the step height of the handle. These are handed handles so if your handle opens anti-clockwise it is right handed and vice versa for left handed.

What is the Step height?

This is the gap under the nose of the handle. In the case of the W66 cockspag handle it is standard at 21mm which is the size most commonly found on uPVC windows. If your existing handle is a smaller size than this then you can compensate the difference by increasing the wedge block. The wedge block needs to have lugs at 31mm centres.

What is the spindle length?

This is the length of the protruding spindle under the handle base. You need to measure the length that goes into the window only. Some spindles break over time and dislodge from the handle but you will need to re-assemble the handle and check the correct length. You can also try something down the hole in the window to see how deep it can go.