Black Antique Door Handles

Black antique door handles are very popular in the UK and are in keeping with the period look of some of the older properties where period features are expected. You'll find lots of door handles on this website but these are a particular favourite amongst HandleStore's customers. If you are looking for real period styling these black door handles are as authentic as they can get and so affordable and you can choose from a quality range that includes Fleur De Lys door handles. Aside from the basic and the elaborate styles of black door handles we can offer there are also options for the different types of Locks and in the black colour you need for a perfect presentation and finish to your door. Of course it doesn't end with just black antique door handles as we also provide everything else that goes with an expected black door furniture range like a black antique letterplate, black door numbers, black door knockers in various styles and of course black door hinges. The range is impressive and we hope you find what you are looking for in our extensive black antique door handles collection.

Black Door Handles With Locks

It can be a bit tricky trying to get matching black door handle furniture particularly the locks and that's why we have ensured the range follows through with all angles covered. You will find different styles of black door handles to choose from and each handle style also has the options for black bathroom door handle, black locking door handle and a black latch door handle. Most customers will change the locks at the same time as the door handle and that's why you can easily select the correct black door handles with locks when shopping with HandleStore. Black door locks are available to suit the latch, lock and bathroom handles and are right up there for finishing those interior doors.

Black Internal Door Handles or External?

Our black antique door handles range is suitable for both internal and external use - that is to say the locking black door handle in the case of exterior door handles. An excellent finish in a true rustic black antique styling helps to maintain the external black period look to your property and once inside the theme continues wonderfully with the wider possibilities for black door handles and locks that are then suitable for indoors.

Quick Tips & Links

Each set of black door handles is available in options for bathroom, latch and lock.