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Door Knockers

Door knockers & door viewers suitable for PVC and wooden doors and now available in a new Easy-Fix 6 inch size.

Quick Tips & Links

The variable fix door knocker can fit any type of door.

How do I know a new door-knocker will fit?

Just measure the distance between the centres of the two holes on your existing door-knocker and make sure that you check the General Details page to ensure that the bolts line up. That’s it

How do I fit a new door-knocker?

Just unscrew the two bolts from the inside and push through to dislodge from the door.

How is the viewer fitted to the door-knocker?

Very simply, the viewer comes in two main parts that connect via a thread (viewer and a sleeve). Insert the viewer part through the door-knocker and the sleeve part from the inside of the door. The two can then be screwed together by hand until tight and then carefully use a screwdriver for the final half-turn. The door viewers have a certain amount of adjustment for different panel sizes.

What can I use to clean the door-knockers?

Care should be applied when cleaning door-knockers. Brass has a tendency to tarnish over time and particularly more so in outdoor environments. All door-knockers are lacquered and care must be applied to clean such items. We would generally advise using a soft dry cloth. If further cleaning is needed use a mild solution of warm, soapy water on a soft cloth and dry thoroughly afterwards.

To prolong the life of the door-knocker, care must be taken not to scratch or damage the surfaces of the knocker. Do not use wire wool or scouring agents.

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