Window, Door and Personal Alarms! If you have a uPVC door that remains unlocked after entry then fit the Door Alarm and set it to Chime upon opening - another great security deterrent from HandleStore! If you are worried about breaking glass fit the window alarm that works off vibration. Personal Alarms for your own piece of mind and safety.

Quick Tips & Links

Window and door alarms are easy to fit to glass or frames. No screws are necessary.

How sensitive are the glass alarms?

They can be very sensitive if you choose to have them set at this level or you can test the sensitivity level and adjust accordingly until you get the right setting for your application.

How audible are these glass and window alarms?

You will need to cover your ears up when standing next to a sounding alarm. You would hear them upstairs or when in the garden etc. They can be switched off when you are in the house.

What is the best solution for a vulnerable rear back door with glass?

The glass alarm would sound the moment someone started trying to force the door and the same with a window. This could avoid substantial damage to the door or window.

My uPVC door remains open unless I key lock it, is there anything I could use?

The contact alarm can usually be fitted to most upvc doors and this can be set to a chime or a sounding alarm. The chime is particularly useful on commercial premises/shopfronts.

How good are these alarms to prevent burglary?

They are a visual deterrent and in the case of the vibration alarm will sound the moment someone touches the window or door. They can't stop burglaries but they are fantastic value for money items.