Pewter Cabinet Handles

Take a look at our range of pewter effect cupboard and cabinet fittings. The 'oldy worldy' style is very much in fashion and allows a mix and match approach to various applications around the home.

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Pewter effect is used for cabinet knobs, pull handles and various furniture items around the home.

Are these cabinet handles made from Pewter?

They are not made from pewter but are produced to look as close as possible to the authentic appearance and feel of real pewter handles. The metal based materials are die-cast to produce the period pewter look and finished carefully using an electrolysis process and completed using an enamel like stove process. No one to our knowledge at the time of writing makes handles from 'pure' pewter due to the cost and expense involved.

Can you supply other ironmongery items in a pewter effect?

Our ironmongery section contains a range of pewter door furniture products and these will compliment beautifully the pewter cabinet handles used in your kitchen or bedroom.

Are these cabinet handles any different to fit than normal?

They are exactly the same as any other cupboard or cabinet handle. The pull handles are fixed via two M4 screws from the back of the handle and the pewter knobs are fixed using a single M4 screw. Screws are provided with all of the handles and knobs to suit standard drawer or cupboard door thicknesses. To replace the pull handles you need to first identify the fixing centres and ensure the same size is ordered.

How well do these handles last?

They can last a very long time and require minimal cleaning. Cleaning where required can be done with a mild soapy water solution but not chemicals.