Letterboxes can be found on most doors whether timber (wooden doors), composite, aluminium or for upvc. Aside from styling it's the sizes that are the most critical aspect to ensure that you can replace the letterbox without having to undertake further work. Our range now includes letter plates for wooden doors where the aperture is covered by a letter plate and a tidy on the inside. UPVC doors are different in that the upvc letterbox is a complete box that includes a telescopic sleeve. Measuring this size is very important to ensuring a successful replacement for all upvc letterboxes.

There are a few pointers we can give you to get you along your way when undertaking a replacement.

Letterbox removal

For upvc doors this is usually quite easy. There are either 2 or 4 screws holding the two halves of the unit to to the door. Take these out and pull the plates away from the surface of the door. You will then notice an aperture hole has been cut through the door and it is important to measure the hole to ensure the new sleeve for your replacement letterbox will fit through this hole. It is best to take note of the screw positions so you can check if the new screw positions line up or can be altered in some way.

For wooden doors the letter plates are different to the upvc types in that they don't have a sleeve. It is also usually the case that there is no inner tidy to hide the aperture cut through the door. Here it is more a case of matching the plate sizes and bolt positions and ensuring if the flat opens inwards the plate will easily move back into the aperture.

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