If you are looking to learn more about the features of a standard upvc door letterbox then watch this short video below. This will give you more insight into what to expect.


It is very easy to overlook the basics things you need to understand when searching for a replacement upvc letterbox. This video shows the typical product features like the brush seal and the gasket. This gives the standard upvc door letterbox really strong weather performance characteristics.

A windproof letterbox is something we all desire. We have all at some time or another been disturbed by a rattling letterbox.  This is caused by 'blow-back' causing the plate to lift under a vacuum. Well with these standard upvc door letterboxes the springs take all that away. A real snap to the plate when it closes means no wind rattle.

Furthermore, you will find one or two integrated foam gaskets included in the design. This ensures that any ingress of water or draughts is kept firmly at bay. Let's not forget that these standard upvc letterboxes all have an attached sleeve. This is important to ensure the cavity of the door is sealed off. A simple telescopic construction means posting letters and leaflets is a very straightforward task.

Need More Help With a Standard uPVC Door Letterbox?

Watching the above video will help you to understand most upvc door letterboxes much more easily. So why not follow this How To Fit a uPVC Letterbox video to then actually do it yourself! You can also follow the step by step guide with pictorials to show you how to replace a letterbox for upvc door. This gives you something to follow as you undertake the initial measurements of the existing letterbox.

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