Door Hinges

Select from our quality range of door hinges as a valuable part of your replacement door furniture. Our range includes lightweight and heavy duty door hinges for use with panelled doors or fire-certified interior or exterior doors. Look out also for our special packs of door handles with latches and hinges, all as part of one bundle. When choosing your door hinges you can be certain to find the right quality at an economical price.

Quick Tips & Links

The 3 x 2 inch size is common for interior doors. H13 is suitable for heavy doors (4 x 3 inch).

Are your door hinges sold in pairs?

Yes, all door hinges are sold in pairs for one door.

Will I receive fixing screws when I buy a door hinge?

Yes, all hinges are dispatched with screw fixings.

Am I able to purchase hinges that are CE marked from

Yes, our H13 door hinge is CE marked. Visit the product page to see more specifications for this hinge.

Will the colour finish matter when I buy my hinges?

For internal doors it would be good to consider the colour finish of your door furniture, I.e the door handle or the tubular latch. As this will give your door a matching finish.

How will I know that a  hinge will be suitable for my timber front door?

There are 2 grades of security identified for hinges to the European standard.

Grade 0 are hinges tested to the BS EN 1935:2002 classification standards and a hinge given this grade will not be suitable to be used on burglar resistant door assemblies.

grade 1 are hinges tested to the BS EN 1935:2002 classification standards and a hinge given this grade are suitable for use on burglar resistant door assemblies requiring a degree of security.

Are the H13 grade 13 door hinge British Standard?

Our H13 door hinge is tested to BS EN 1935:2002 classification standards.

What is the maximum weight of a door that a grade 7 door hinge will be capable to hang?

For a single axis grade 7 door hinge tested to BS EN 1935:2002 classification standards has the capability to hang a door assembly door mass of up to 40kg.