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Welcome to our growing range of electrical switches and sockets for the home. A lavish range of electrical fittings that compliment the range of window handles and door handles you will see across the site. Ideal when re-decorating and matching up polished chrome, brushed steel and many more finishes. All of our products are high quality and include some of the modern age plug sockets for re-charging iphones and such like with our USB designed sockets.

  • Light Switches

    Light Switches

    Beautifully finished and stylish light switches in several options and stunning finishes like brushed steel and polished chrome. Find everything you need here!

  • Plug Sockets

    Plug Sockets

    Choose from our extensive plug sockets range including USB integrated plugs with safety features built in as standard. High quality and stunning finishes!

  • Cooker Switches

    Cooker Switches

    Select from our range of cooker switches made by a top UK brand with real quality and longevity. All tested to the required British Standards.

  • Fused Switches

    Fused Switches

    Fused switches/spurs are used for heavy electrical appliances and where safety is needed. This compliment is part of a wider range of plugs and switches available.

  • Electrical Accessories

    Electrical Accessories

    Everyone needs accessories and here we present a growing range of 'usefuls' like longer screws, screw caps and backboxes to name a few.

  • All Electrical

    All Electrical

    View all of our electrical fittings in one category and select your matching needs for switches and sockets. Use the colour filters for a perfect match and design.