Door Stops

Presenting a quality range of Door stops for all kinds of doors. Door stops are easy enough to fit although some careful planning may be needed to position them correctly initially along with ensuring the substrate fixing is adequate. Certainly ideal to use where doors are slamming against walls or where protection is needed from nearby obstacles. Available in different sizes to suit most applications including the depth of a door handle for wall mounted types.

Our carefully selected range offers real quality both in terms of aesthetics and design. You will see that on some of the models the fixings are concealed within the door stop itself. This gives a much more contemporary feel to the fittings but if the antique types are needed then the rustic design is available also. All of our stops are made with a rubberised impact pad to ensure that any sharp door slams are carefully protecting the walls, handles and the door itself. Our range of stoppers are all screwfix and this is the important part as much as anything else. The screws that are provided by manufacturers will generally do the job where a solid substrate is available. In the real world we all know that when fitting things to walls that the substrate can vary from hollow voids to solid brick. It is always wise to select the positioning of the fixing within the limits of reach for these door stops to do the job, and to have a handy set of alternative fixings to overcome the obstacles like voides in the wall.

The range offered here includes floor mounted door stops, heavy duty door stops and the famous half moon door stop. These are mostly used for interior purposes as exterior door stops is something entirely different, involving more door restrictor or restraint types of products. A stainless steel door stop could be the exception although the fixings may struggle over time against the elements.

Quick Tips & Links

Door stops can be mounted on the floor or the wall. Check the descriptions for more information.


What types of door stops are available?

The types of door stops that are most common break down into two distinct categories. Floor mounted door stops or wall door stops.

How easy is it to fit these door stops?

These are simple products that can be quickly and easily installed although there are some important factors you need to assess beforehand, for example, where exactly do you want to position the door stop and then how strong the fixing will be to the wall or floor.

Do you provide fixings with the door stops?

We do provide some generic fixings for these products but as in the previous question you will need to assess the substrate and how well the fixings will hold. In some cases you may need to purchase specialist fixings used for hollow walls as some types of door stops are more tricky to fit.

Are there different sizes available?

You can get different sizes with some of the door stops and this will give you more scope to overcome problems like door handle depth. The maximum length is 70mm.

How heavy duty are these door stops?

General use around the home is the usual application for all of our door stops. If you have a more specific commercial need then contact our technical team through the contact pages. Heavy duty door stops can be used for patio doors where a much sturdier and heavier stop is needed.

Can anyone fit the standard types of door stops?

Yes as long as you are comfortable with a drill then most 'diyers' are able to fit these products comfortably.

Are these stops for internal or external use?

They are mostly for internal use. If you have a need for an exterior door stop then consider stainless steel door stops or refer to other types of door restrictors.