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Tilt & Turn

These are UK quality locking tilt and turn window handles with key locks for added safety. Basically these handles are for windows that open inwards and tilt down inside the room. All handles shown can be used for tilt and turn windows that are controlled by a spindle that protrudes from the back of the tilt and turn handle. Our 'turn-safe' models such as the W22 Tokyo tilt and turn handles can be locked to stop the window opening fully internally but unlocked for tilting at the same time! A great safety feature! If you have found your way to this page but need different window handles then see the vast range we have in stock for old and new including insurance rated locking double glazing window handles! You can learn more about replacement tilt and turn window handles and also select from some great designs if you are looking to buy and know what you need to buy!

Tilt and Turn Window Handles For UPVC

The tilt and turn window handles that are most associated with UPVC windows all have a 7mm square spindle that projects from the back of the handle and enters into the window and then the gearbox of the lock mechanism. This is the same principle as a similar handle type known as Espag window handles which are used on casement windows although the mechanism is a lot bulkier in a tilt and turn window and so the tilt and turn window handle needs to be a lot sturdier and capable of turning through 360 degrees which the standard espag replacement window handles cannot do. The spindle is usually available in a few sizes like 32mm, 38mm and 44mm and these are the more standard sizes with 32mm being by far the most popular of those. It is fair to say that timber windows with a tilt and turn mechanism may also use this type of handle but may have an 8mm square spindle. If that is the case use spindle sleeves to alter the 7mm to be 8mm. If you need more help please review our range of upvc window handles which includes all the upvc handle types.

The origins of the tilt and turn window eminate from Germany where vast numbers of windows are made in this styling but it offers much larger windows than you normally find in the UK along with the advantages of a tilt ventilation position and an inward opening turn position for cleaning. It is this latter point that causes much concern due to the large opening that is easily accessible from the simple turn of a handle. This has led to UK manufacturers developing a safety handle that can lock the main opening of the window and still engage the lock for use with a ventilation tilt position. These types of tilt and turn window handles are known sometimes as 'turn safe' handles as they ensure the window is in a locked position at the turn-in motion of the window as opposed to the ventilation or drop-down position. This is particularly important where young children may have access to these unlocked windows. The beauty of the handle design will allow you to switch the operation around if you have a different mechanism like tilt-before-turn or turn-before-tilt. Watch the video on how the locking tilt and turn window handle is set up to work on your window. This effectively allows you to have the window locked at the closed position if the first turn of the handle opens the window into the room or you can set the tilt and turn handle to be unlocked when you turn the handle 90 degrees initially so the window will tilt down for ventilation but the window cannot move to the next 90 degree position until you unlock the handle with a key.

Tilt and Turn Window Handles For Aluminium

Tilt and turn window handles for aluminium windows can be a whole different ball game as the locking mechanism is vey different to that on a upvc window. The difference really is the aluminium frames are much slimmer but can also be much bigger and this tends to lead to their use more for commercial applications like offices and shopfronts etc. The first thing you may notice is the handles are a lot bigger and when you take the handle off an aluminium tilt and turn window you will find a different type of 'spindle' which is probably best expressed as a blade or a fork and these are a very popular design. Residential applications see fewer aluminium windows with a tilt and turn design these days so the likelihood that you still have them is less than any other type of window as would be found in the UK. The best advice with these type of handles is to contact a local double glazing repairs company to help you through the replacement possibilities.


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  • Tilt and turn window handles have a spindle and can turn 180 degrees in either direction.


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