Types of Hinges and Stays

If you are looking to replace the window hinges on your double glazing then you have come to the right place! window hinges can break and wear down over time but the good news is that they are easily replaceable and affordable. Follow our guide on how to replace window hinges on upvc windows to get you started and then select from our standard, egress, slimline or restricted types of window hinges. Using our website will take you though all the vital steps you need to follow so there is no need to worry!

Take a quick snapshot of the window hinges on offer:

H01 is a standard set of uPVC window hinges that can replace almost all types of upvc window hinges and it comes with black reinforced end caps. The fixing centres on this model are the same as the old Cotswold window hinges that were quite popular many years ago.

H06 are very popular double glazing window hinges and you will find these are the ideal replacements for Securistyle window hinges. The grey end cap design is found on a lot of double glazed windows.

H02 is a slimline double glazing window hinge with a 15mm overall track width found on some older aluminium double glazed windows.They have not been that widely used over the years but we still stock them.

H04 is the same as H01 and H06 standard hinges but has an inbuilt restrictor to hold the window open a short gap (releasable for full opening).These uPVC window restrictor hinges are perfect where child safety is important!

H03 and H05 are fire-escape (egress) hinges. H03 has a sliding track so you can reach to clean the windows and are known as egress easy clean window hinges. These can replace standard upvc window hinges and open much like butt hinges. The H05 is just a normal window hinge but opening from the corner much like a butt hinge but without the easy-clean feature like the H03.

All you need to do is follow our how to measure upvc window hinges guide - it's easier than you think but if you get stuck use the Contact Us form at the top of the website!

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