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H07 12” Side Hung Egress Restrictor Hinges

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  • 12 Inch (300mm) Fire Escape/Egress Hinge Set With Safety Restrictor.
  • Used for fire-escape windows where safety from falling is also a concern.
  • Hinge allows the window to open more fully to a near 90 degree angle in the corner of the frame.
  • Left Handed version means your window handle would be on the left side of the window (vice versa for right handed).
  • Replaces most similar standard upvc window hinges.
  • Opens to 100mm (baby head size) and can be released using the green button.
  • Steel end cap design for improved weathertightness and security.
  • Established brand, made in the UK.
  • One restrictor per window (at the bottom) to allow a comfortable reach.
  • Sold as a handed pair for one window. No screws are included, please use the existing ones. If you think you will get into trouble with the screws order some upvc window hinge repair screws.
  • Please ensure you review your risk assessment before using these hinges and check with your local Building Control officer. Hinges with restrictors can slow down any emergency escape.
  • Suitable for Document Q.
  • Not sure what's involved to fit these hinges? Read our Guide on uPVC Window Hinges.

12 Inch Side Hung Egress Restrictor Window Hinges Details

These egress hinges open very close to degrees from the corner to maximise the possible opening between the frames. You can replace the hinges on your current window with these provided they are the correct size. The best thing here is to follow the guide for uPVC Window Hinges to get more information.

Egress hinges are made for side hung windows as the windows are harder to get through for quick fire-escape. You won't find egress window hinges for top hung windows as these are usually big enough and can be straddled unlike the side hung types. Side hung windows have the hinges fixed to the top and bottom of the window (confusing we know).

This hinge set is sold in a pair that is handed. This ensures the restrictor is at the bottom of the window. Please check to ensure you order the correct one. If your window handle is on the left side of the glass pane from the inside then the hinges are left handed.

When you first receive the egress hinges they will seem awkward to open and may even open out of position. The way to avoid this is to hold the corner into the end cap and open the arm with your other hand ensuring the end cap/arm end is held and the hinge can fulcrum from the corner.

When replacing upvc window hinges you will always need help from at least one other person as the opening lights can be very heavy, circa 20-30kg.

A few specifications about this 12 inch egress restrictor hinge:

  • The restrictor position allows approximately 100mm opening. This can be less taking into consideration the frame build. 100mm is important to ensure a babies head cannot fit through the opening.
  • The maximum window vent weight is 22kgs. If you are replacing a 12 inch egress restrictor hinge this should be fine if it is a double glazed unit (not triple glazing though).
    Maximum window vent width is 650mm. That's to avoid vent drop.
  • The full opening angle of this 12 inch side hung hinge is 85 degrees. It is also opens from the corner meaning no gap between the frames to maximise the opening.
  • This is an 18mm wide hinge (that's the outer track size). It's a fairly common size but you can get 15mm and some heavier duty 22mm thicknesses as well.
  • Two sizes are available, 13mm and 17mm. These are the two most popular sizes by far. This is just the thickness of the hinge and the difference can be seen visibly by a flat arm (13mm) or a kinked arm (17mm). Check the picture carousel to see what we mean.
  • Offered in a left hand or right hand variation. This keeps the restrictor on the bottom of the window only. Do not fit the other way around i.e. the restrictor at the top as you may not be able to reach this when trying to escape through the window. It is also more vulnerable for safety reasons if fitted at the top.

A few points of note:

  • It is not always advisable to put restricted window hinges onto fire-escape windows, as this could slow down your escape. Only use in instances where safety from falling is a major concern. It is always best to run this past your Local Authority Building Control Officer to help with your risk-assessment. These hinges do release for full opening via the green button on the bottom hinge.
  • You can replace your existing hinges with these egress restricted hinges, and so improve the safety of your windows. This is size dependent.
  • All H07 egress restrictor hinges are supplied as a pair with one side of the window containing a restrictor (the bottom). That means they are handed. If your window handle is on the left of the window then you need a left handed hinge set.
  • A green release buttons is visible and easy to operate. Just push down the green button, and when you close the window the restrictor will re-engage on re-opening. This eliminates the possibility that after closing the window the window is unlatched.
  • The end caps are made from steel. This is better for security and longevity. Draughts can occur over time on the hinge side due to worn end caps (usually made of plastic).
  • Manufactured from ferritic and austenitic stainless steel.
    Have been tested by the manufacturer to meet CE standard, BSI, BBA, SBD and Document Q.
  • These 12 inch egress restrictor hinges are made in the UK.

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