Can I lock the window open?

You are able to lock some of the casement stays in an open position but only those classed as peg stays. Peg stays are the ones with holes in and the pins fit through the holes. In this case you can use Window Stay Locks by substituting a peg for a lock. Typically the W46 and W47 traditional stays are used in this instance. Some casement stays just rest onto the pins as opposed to going through the arm and these cannot be locked open.

Are window stays handed?

Casement window stays are not handed by virtue of the reversible knuckle that can turn the stay around. It's just a case of setting it up on the window correctly when installing.

Can I get matching handles for my stays?

In most cases you can get the matching stay and this is shown under the Related Products section within the details page of the product. If both the window stays and the window latches are locking then they will also be the same key throughout.

My casement window is flush to the frame when closed?

In the case of flush frames you will need a special flush pin rest and to use a peg stay. It won't be possible to employ a locking stay pin in this case. The W46 and W47 models are the only casement stays that are capable of being used in this way with the addition of a flush pin (purchased separately).

My timber window has a multi-point locking system and a window stay?

This is certainly possible and just means you will need to look at alternative types of window handles like espag window handles.