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uPVC Fire Escape Egress Hinges (H03/H05)

These fire escape window hinges can replace existing standard side hung hinges. Superb quality fire escape hinges suitable for upvc windows where there is a requirement for egress. These upvc fire escape window hinges will replace the same size side hung window hinge and open much like a conventional butt hinge found on a timber casement window. This near maximum opening can be used to meet Building Regulations where there is a requirement for a minimum opening escape size.Choose from Egress Only or Egress Easy Clean!H05 is our Egress only upvc window hinge - the hinge opens fully back to the corner of the window.H03 is our Egress and Easy Clean window hinge - the hinge opens fully back to the corner of the window and can also be slid across to enable a space behind the window for easier cleaning (the hinge can be slid back to a secure position).Make the checks to ensure you comply! The building regs state that a fire-escape window should have an unobstructed openable area that is at least 0.33 sqM and at least 450mm high and 450mm wide.

How to Order! Measure your existing side hung hinge length (see the guide on measuring upvc window hinges). Fire-escape hinges can be slightly longer and this doesn't create any difficulties as long as you have sufficient room inside the window.

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  • These hinges open right back for for fire-escape. H03 can also be slid across for cleaning.


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