Window Handles

If you are looking to buy window handles whether that's for the home, office or any other application then you've come to the right place! We've got old replacement window handles that will fit windows going back many decades, and that makes us probably the most comprehensive online store for handles anywhere. Each of the categories listed below in our catalogue represents the main types of window handles available whether for upvc, timber or aluminium windows. Don't forget that your insurance company will require locking window handles and so all of our handles supplied with a key-lock will meet that requirement. Read more about window security.

Over the years there have been many different types of window locks used in the UK with the oldest being cockspur handles followed by the more modern espag locks which are used for windows with a multipoint lock. To get more insight into the different types of upvc locks and how to replace them then check out this guide on how to replace upvc window handles. Today’s handles for upvc windows are better known now as espag handles as they operate different types of espagnolette multipoint locking systems via a 7mm spindle. Our range of window handles for upvc windows is impressive to say the least and covers specialist applications like window handles for blinds or espag handles with a 50mm spindle used on old Anglian windows. If you are looking to replace upvc window handles then let us guide you further using our video how to install upvc window handles.

Timber Handles

This is a wide ranging area and much care is need when it comes to replacement window handles. Older timber windows tend to have quite large frames and this makes life much easier to consider alternative casement window latches in more modern designs including key locking. Wooden frames made over recent years here in the UK have tended to be much slimmer and in many cases some of the major timber window manufacturers had their own bespoke window handles. These factors do tend to make things much harder but help is at hand using our how to replace timber window handles.

Window handles for Aluminium

Aluminium was the first real double glazing window material used in the UK and the handles for aluminium windows were basic and fortunately fairly standard. A simple non locking cockspur window handle in a standard 9mm size like the wms reg de handle was all that was really on offer at the time but of course this has moved on to locking window handles as well as the espag handle where aluminium windows are now made with multipoint locks.
We know you will be delighted with the range of window handles we have to offer and once ordered it could be less than 24 hours before they are fitted on your window. Trust HandleStore and let us show you the very best the web can offer - truly! Read our customer reviews if you don't believe us. Visit our new Knowledge centre for guides, videos and questions all about replacement window handles.