Black Antique Door Furniture

Antique black door furniture has been around a long time and that's why our product team have sought high and low to find the best ranges of period style black door furniture on the UK market. If you are looking for style and a full suite of accessories and black hardware then look no further with an exquisite range of black door handles, black letterplates, black door knockers, bell pushes black numerals, black hinges and much more black ironmongery besides.

Quick Tips & Links

Use the filters to the left hand side for more selective antique black products.

What are your handles actually made from?

They are made from a collection of metal alloys that are developed into an old period design. The end result is a stunning traditional black antique effect. In some cases the ironmongery is hand made using a blacksmith technique.

I want to replace my front door furniture with black antique, where do I start?

Everything you need should be available from the black antique door furniture page. The filter to the left of the page is a great help for you to identify the relevant piece of hardware you need. When it comes to fitting the black hardware then this is a relatively simple job on a timber door requiring only a simple fixing via screws. If you are looking to add black antique furniture to a pvc door this will be a little trickier and will require special letterplates and euro door handles.

Can the black handles be used externally as well as internally?

Yes they can. The standard finish is a durable coating so your black antique hardware can be used as you choose. In coastal areas you may need to expect some delapadation over time.

Are the various furniture items in your range colour matched?

All of the ironmongery items in our collection are matched from the same manufacturer. If there are several manufacturers they may be specified differently but otherwise you can be confident they will all have the colour whether letter;lates, door bells, door numbers etc.

Are your handles sprung?

All of our lever handles are sprung and considering their weight it is important to ensure that any such handles carry springs.

Do I need to buy special latches or locks?

We have a range of locks for bathroom, latch and lock available to this range to ensure that you can buy the complete package.

Do you have a range of cabinet furniture to match the black ironmongery?

Yes we have a good range of black pull handles and knobs for use with cabinets and cupboards and these are a great match for the handles around your home in black antique.