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If you have uPVC or aluminium double glazed windows then improve or repair them with our robust quality British Standard tested UPVC window hinges. Hinges for upvc windows tend to break down over time but the good news is that you can replace them easily. Friction hinges, also known as friction stays, are found on all uPVC type double glazed windows (not casement timber windows with butt hinges). These hinges have stainless steel strengthened black end caps but if you prefer you can also find grey end cap hinges for double glazing too on our website. To replace your existing UPVC window hinges follow these simple steps:

How to find the correct upvc window hinge

STEP 1: Check the overall width of the hinge track (18mm for the H01).
STEP 2: Check the hinge track length (you can use slightly longer hinges as long as they fit inside the window).
STEP 3: Check the hinge thickness (13mm or 17mm). Check the arm that is fitted to the opening window. A flat arm is a 13mm and kinked arm is 17mm. Check the main image pictures for more information.
STEP 4: Confirm the orientation of the window (side hung or top hung). A top hung hinge is fitted to the sides of the window (handle at the bottom) and a side hung hinge is fitted to the top and bottom of the window(handle to the side).
The above is a quick guide but if you want a little more detail then follow this superb guide on how to replace upvc window hinges.

Quick Tips & Links

These hinges replace most upvc window hinges. You need 3 measurements: track outer width (18mm), hinge thickness (13mm or 17mm) and the hinge track length (various).

What is a standard hinge?

This is the most common hinge that simply opens your window. Most standard hinges are known as easy clean and this relates to the action of the hinge i.e. the opener comes across the window creating a gap that allows you to reach the outside of the window. The hinges have a track width of 18mm (outer size).

 Are the prices per pair?

Yes the prices you see are for a pair of hinges i.e. one window.

How easy is it to replace a hinge?

Once you know the correct sizes and type of hinge you require (all information available on the web page) the whole replacement can be done in ten minutes or less. However, always have a second person available to help with the weight of the window.

What is the difference between the H01 black cap and the H06 grey cap?

The black and the grey caps are usually good indicators as to the manufacturer of the hinge you are replacing, although some don't have end caps. This means there is more likelihood the fixing screws will all line but we advise you to check the diagrams to be sure. You can use either though really as the first hole on both the frame and the opener are usually in the same place and if the rest aren't you can always re-spot them with a small drill.

My frames are aluminium and the hinges are held with rivets not screws?

This is a fairly typical method for attaching hinges to aluminium frames. The reason why it is done this way is that the frames are very thin (less than 2mm) and this is not sufficient to form a screw thread that would hold the weight of the window. You must re-fix using rivets in that case and if in doubt consult a double glazing repairs company local to you for help. Rivets are identified by a small hole in the centre of what looks like a screw head and to remove them you need to drill the heads off.

What do I need to know in order to replace a hinge on my window?

To replace uPVC window hinges you will need to check the window orientation (and in the case of restrictor hinges the handing), the hinge size needed, the hinge thickness and the outer width of the track. In the first instance you need to select the hinge you would like to fit. If you use the prompts on the relevant web page it will tell you what you need to know for each hinge and through the pop-up’s you can see the diagrams you need to make the correct selections. Everything you require will be sent with the hinge including a guide to check and set the hinge depth correctly.

I have received a pair of hinges but they open the same way?

The hinges are sold in pairs so one pair for each window. Each of those individual hinges will be marked up with an arrow or a left/right marking. The pair should have two hinges with arrows going in opposite directions. You need to open the hinges in the direction of the arrow only. If you open it the other way the end of the hinge will not go back into the corner of the cap and the window will not close correctly. You will need to take this off the window if that is the case and then pop the hinge back into place in the palm of your hand and then open it the correct way. The arrow direction also determines which side of the window you fix each of the hinges to. So when the hinge is fixed to the window the arrow should point in the direction of the opening direction as well.

If it is the first time you have used these hinges then these are typical problems but you can correct them if you follow the advice given above. You can see this problem corrected on this short video.

What tips would you give me when installing the new hinges?

Always have two people available that are capable of holding the weight of the window. Do not underestimate how heavy a double glazed window really is.
When fitting the H02, H03 or H04 hinges, ensure that the hinges are opened in the direction of the arrow only. This corresponds to the direction of the window opening and ensures that you have the hinge on the correct side of the window.
Make sure that the first fixing hole in the corner lines up on the new hinge and the window otherwise the window will be out of line (generally standard size).
When the opening window is removed drop it onto your bathroom scales and check its weight corresponds with the weights given on this website, or the instruction sheet supplied, for your hinge. If you have triple glazing these hinges will not be strong enough to carry the weight. Check with Technical Support.
Have some repair screws handy.

Can these hinges be fitted to other types of frames other than UPVC?

They can be fitted to timber and aluminium windows with friction scissor hinges already in place. Traditional timber windows with butt hinges will not accept these type of hinges without modification to the opening window. Aluminium windows with friction hinges are usually held in place by rivets.

What screws should I use to fix the hinges to the frames? 

We recommend that you use the existing screws as these should be the correct pitch and length to re-tighten. If the screw thread will not tighten it is possible to use repairs screws that can be purchased from the website under Accessories. Under no circumstances use a screw from a DIY outlet without the correct specification being observed. The wrong screws can lead to corrosion.

Is there any maintenance required?

When you first install the hinges it is recommended that you put one drop of light-grade lubrication oil onto each hinge point - and always keep the slide track free from dirt and grime.

It is good practice to clean, lubricate and check the tightness of all screws/rivets every twelve months.

How can I improve the security of the hinged side of the window?

Check out the ‘Enhanced Window Security’ brackets under Accessories. These can easily be fitted to the hinged side of the window and significantly reinforce the window security at that side of the opener.

What weights are the hinges designed to carry?

Generally speaking if the length of the hinge is replaced with a ‘like for like’ length size on a double glazed residential type window the weight should be OK. However, it is always worth a check when you have taken the opening window out to drop it on a set of bathroom scales for re-assurance. If the weight of the window is greater than the weights given by the manufacturers then seek guidance from Technical Support before commencing with replacement. An instruction sheet showing the weights for each hinge size is supplied.

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