Cleaning Products

Renew your uPVC window frames and uPVC doors with our range of cleaning products. All trade strength as used by window and door manufacturers!

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A perfect solution for cleaning upvc window frames. Only use on white windows.

How good is the cleaner?

Customers love this product as it removes most dirt and grime, even marks that have been around for 20 years. Any marks left under door handles or around window handles and on the outside too when the windows look a little dull.

Does it leave a shine?

It works like a polish so with a bit of work it can buff up upvc windows into pristine condition.

Will it damage the frame in any way?

It shouldn't do. It is not as coarse as Jif, or similar, which may well leave a discolouration.

Can I use it on other surfaces?

As long as you test it first just in case then it is fine for other frames too but bear in mind it can work up into a shine so for door panels and such like be careful if they are satin finish.

Is there a shelf life with this product?

After about 12 months or so the cleaner can start to break down and dilute slightly. After about 2 years it may be unusable.