Door Handle Springs

A perfect solution for weakened door handle springs where the handle droops from its resting position. Simply insert into the backplate and through the spindle. Check the sizes to make sure the springs can fit inside your handle backplate! Suits an 8mm spindle found most commonly on exterior door handles particularly uPVC door handles.

Quick Tips & Links

These springs can stop drooping upvc door handles. Check the sizes to make sure they can fit inside the backplate.

My uPVC door handle 'droops' so will a new spring solve the problem?

It more than likely will provided they fit into your door handle.

What causes a upvc door handle to 'droop'?

The main cause is the lock case itself but a spring inside the door handle can correct this problem for extended longevity. Many upvc door handles of the past didn't have springs built into them whereas most do these days. The spring would therefore come from the lock mechanism and once this starts to fail the handle cannot return to its normal rest position. Some handles are a lot heavier and this puts more pressure on the lock case just in its rest position. Heavier handles will need some sort of spring assistance from the door handle.

Are these spring cassettes suitable for any other types of handles apart from uPVC?

They were designed specifically for upvc door handles so it is usually impossible to use them anywhere else. They require a cavity which will allow the spring cassette to drop inside and keep it under the line of the backplate so the handle can lie flat on the surface of the door.

Can these springs fit any upvc door handle?

They will fit a lot of handles but not all of them. Handles that have a bespoke spring unit built into them cannot be replaced with these spring cassettes. The best thing to do is read the details of the product and check the sizes correspond with the cavity inside your existing handle backplate. The hole in the centre is 8mm square for the spindle.

I can't get a sprung replacement upvc door handle?

There will be some instances where you just cannot get a replacement upvc door handle with a spring and if the handle remains in a 'droop' position you will have to change the lock mechanism with the help of a local double glazing repairs company.