Patio Door Handles

The patio door handle range we show here is for sliding patio doors and not outward opening doors or double doors. Finding the correct replacement patio door handle requires a few sizes on your part to ensure a few things line up otherwise it will involve drilling through the door at positions over and above the lock case, which is inside the door, for the new screw holes. Replacement Patio door handles are sold in sets for the inner and outer side of the door and can come in different designs to accommodate the different styles of patio doors. If you are struggling to find anything to fit consider this sliding patio door security lock which may solve the problem.

UPVC Patio Door Handle for Sliding Doors

A lot of the door manufacturers have moved away from sliding doors to open out casement type doors for conservatories which have become more common place these days. The range of replacement patio handles still available is reducing all the time and this adds to the problem when trying to replace a patio door handle. If you have a conventional set of upvc door handles then we can also offer a fantastic range of replacement sizes for you to consider but a sliding patio door handle will present more of a challenge. Here is a link if you need to know how to measure upvc door handles.

Patio door handles come in all sizes and will vary by design depending on the patio lock. This is a similar lock to a front door lock in that it is located up the side of the door in the form of several locking points and the patio handle will then line up with the screws, key hole and the lever should one be present. So it is best to review the lock type carefully as this will be controlled by a short lever and a euro lock for the key.

Handles may also be handed as some patio sliding doors tend to be quite large containg several panes of glass that slide. This can also be configured using a key locking handle and a non locking handle and this can also differ from the inside to the outside. A lot of different combinations to be found and sadly this is a typical replacement problem as so few manufacturers are now making them. If all else fails try contacting a local double glazing repairs company as it may be possible to change the complete lock mechanism and patio door handle at the same time which would keep the existing door active for a bit longer.

Patio Door Handle for Outward Opening Doors

Many customers use the term patio door handle to refer to a door that opens out to the garden and if your door opens ouwards on a hinge then you need to be looking at our lever lever upvc door handles range. Typically these can be found on conservatories or double door entrances. In the latter case you may need french door handles as these are slightly different.

Quick Tips & Links

These handles are for externally facing sliding doors like upvc, aluminium and timber patios.

How do I remove the handle from the patio door?

It’s very simple. Although there are different design handles they are usually removed by finding the two screws that hold the inner and outer handles together.

How do I know if the patio handle will fit my door?

Check the details of the fixing hole positions and the key-hole if relevant. The details are shown on the general details page for each handle.

Do you provide snib levers with sliding door handles?

Yes we do if it is relevant to the handle and lock design. The screws are also provided and any caps where specified. Check the general details of each handle for exact details.

Can the handles be used for aluminium or timber patio doors?

Yes they can. Provided you check the positioning of the fixing and key-hole centres then there should be no problem.

What can I use to clean the handles?

Care should be applied when cleaning patio door handles.

Door handles can often be cleaned with a soft dry cloth. If further cleaning is needed use a mild solution of warm, soapy water on a soft cloth and dry thoroughly afterwards.

To prolong the serviceable life of the handle, care must be taken not to scratch or damage the surfaces of the handle. Do not use wire wool or scouring agents.