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Slimline Double Glazing Window Hinges

Slimline Double Glazing Window Hinges (H02) will suit older double glazing windows with a 15mm track size. Some of the older double glazing windows used a 15mm track window hinge, as do some aluminium windows, but they are generally not widely used. If you measure the overall width of the channel (outer size not inner) this will determine whether you have the slimline hinge. If it's not 15mm it will be the standard 18mm size found on most double glazed windows like the H01 standard upvc window hinge or H06 double glazing hinge. Replacing hinges can be a fairly easy task if you follow the basics and have a bit of help with taking the window out. We have provided a few guides and pointers to help you so be sure to click away at the various buttons on this page!

Quick Tips & Links

Slimline window hinges are found on older upvc and aluminium windows. The track width is 15mm.

What is a slimline window hinge?

These hinges are narrower than the standard hinges you find on most double glazed windows. The overall width of the track is only 15mm as opposed to the 18mm size you get with standard hinges.

Can I use the standard hinge as a replacement?

You might be able to do that but in most cases there is a channel that the hinge fits into so the 18mm wide standard hinge would not fit.

Where are slimline hinges usually fitted?

A lot of the older aluminium frames particularly and some older upvc windows will have used them. It is increasingly rare to find them these days.

Are these hinges handed?

You don't need to worry about this when purchasing them as they come as a pair. When you fit them you must open the hinge in the direction of the arrow and fit them accordingly to the respective side of the window.