uPVC Restrictor Hinges

uPVC Restrictor Hinges can replace standard window hinges on uPVC windows. Not many people know that a conventional standard upvc window hinge can be replaced easily with a restrictor hinge to improve safety. These double glazed hinges with an inbuilt restrictor come in various sizes for both side hung and top hung windows and provide a safety position of 100mm on opening. This is perfect for improving the safety of a window that opens fully like the 24 inch top hung which is unreachable when fully open! Real Safety in One Single Action! The safety catch automatically engages when the window is first opened requiring a push down tab release to disengage and allow the window to open to its fullest extent. When the window is closed the safety catch re-engages! It's imperative that the safety catch is in place each and every time the window is opened! With these upvc restrictor hinges the window locks back into a safety catch every time the window is closed or crosses back past the 100mm restricted line.

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These upvc window hinges have an inbuilt restrictor position that can be released. Replaces standard hinges.