UPVC Window Locks

If you need to replace your upvc window locks, we have an extensive range of durable locks to improve your home security. Whether you are looking for casement window locks, sash locks or upvc window locks, we have locks to complement your existing home décor. We strive to provide our customers with locks and window handles that boast superb value for money and you can rest assured that we won’t be beaten on price. Every product on our site gets our seal of approval so you can rest assured that our window locks whether for timber or UPVC are built to last. Want to know more about a particular Lock type? Customer service is our speciality so if you have any questions regarding any of our products then contact a member of our team for more information. Here at Handle Store, we are always happy to help.

When you need premium quality window locks, you can count on our dedicated team to deliver them to your door at speed. Simply browse our collection of window locks for uPVC windows, timber windows and older generation windows online and order at speed with us today. Securing your home is simple with our high quality locks. Don't forget that it may be possible to lock your window open! Browse our fantastic range of high quality locks online today. Not quite what you were looking for? Try these links: Cockspur Window Locks - Casement Window Locks - Espag Window Locks - Sash Window Locks

Quick Tips & Links

Frame-guards are perfect for upvc, WL01 and WL02 are for timber windows and WL03 is for sash windows.

Can I add extra locks to my window for more security?

Generally speaking you can add extra locks to most windows but it will depend on the frame material and type as to which fits your window the best.

I have a few vulnerable upvc windows and I'm going on holiday so what can I fit to improve security?

A lot of customers use Frameguards to fit to a pvc window as the long arm is visible as a deterrent as well as being difficult to jemmy open. They are also easy to operate when the window is in use. To fit these locks it is advisable to use them in conjunction with jack nut fixings to ensure the window locks are fitted adequately into the cavity of the frame. Of course you may also want to look at ensuring all of your window handles have locks in the first instance as these can be replaceable.

Frameguard window lock forupvc windows

Frameguard window lock used on pvc windows.

Watch The Frameguard Window Lock Video

Click to watch the frameguard window lock video.

Frameguard fixings foruPVC windows

Jack nuts used for fixing frameguards to upvc windows.









My wooden frames need locks to comply with my home insurance?

There are a number of window locks that can be used for wooden windows which are slim, easy to operate and key-locking. Whether a casement window or a sash window there are solutions for all types:

Swing lock for timber windows

WL01 Swing Window Lock for timber windows.

Press bolt lock for timber windows

WL02 Window Lock with bolt for timber windows

Sash window bolt

WL03 Sash window bolt

Snap lock for timber windows

WL04 window snap lock.








Can I get replacement multi-point window locks?

Replacement espag locks take the form of a multi-point locking system and are fitted within the window. When failure occurs the complete lock system has to be replaced.The best way to find replacement locks is to contact a double glazing repairs company to help find and install the correct one.