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SW10 Sash Window Restrictor

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From £8.10
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  • Sash window restrictor with key locking.

  • Allows the window to be locked open for more secure ventilation.
  • Insert the key to release the sash restrictor and slide the window.
  • Automatically engages to a locked position without the key!
  • Used on uPVC, timber and aluminium windows.
  • Easy to fit. Available in white or brown colours.
  • Conforms to BS6375 Part:1987.
  • One key supplied per unit and fixing screws supplied.


How to Fit the SW10 Sash Window Restrictor


The main body of the sash window restrictor is sunk within the frame to leave the shoulder exposed which is then screw fixed to the frame. You will need a drill bit of a 14mm size (can chisel or cut from a smaller drill size) and to drill two holes 26mm apart. A small amount of chiseling/shaping may be needed between the holes. Care is required to identify the correct position to avoid conflict with the glass or other ancillary items attached to the window.

Consider fitting these sash window restrictors above the top of the bottom sliding window where they can be out of the way to arms reaching through the window or children reaching them from the inside.


Operation of the SW10 Sash Window Restrictor


Without the key the tongue of the sash window restrictor is always locked. Simply entering the key will release the movement of the restrictor tongue - do not turn the key as this will lead to breakage. In order to bypass the restricted position you will need to slide the window over the restrictor at the same time that you enter the key. As the sash window travels across the frame the restrictor will remain depressed until it reaches the end of the window frame. The tongue of the sash restrictor is made from a durable plastic so should not damage the face of the window.

Safety is very important with these potentially large windows and that is why this British designed sash window restrictor will always retain its locked position without a key - this negates a child being able to operate the device by hand either accidentally or intentionally. In cases where a sash window is a designated fire-escape these devices cannot be used for obvious reasons.

There are many reasons why you may want to install these devices to your sash windows:

  • Danger of falling from high levels
  • Child safety
  • General ventilation
  • 'secure' ventilation

What ever the reason may be the introduction of such devices to your windows will allow peace of mind to the occupant for years to come.

Christmas Delivery: Our dispatch dates continue upto 2pm on Thursday 23rd December. We will also be dispatching on Thursday 30th December to help with orders placed through Xmas, and then from Tuesday 4th January 2022.

European Deliveries are currently suspended.

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