Window Safety - The Practical Options

Leaving Windows Open? Now You Can Lock Them OPEN!

The summer time is when we all leave our windows and doors open for that little bit more extra fresh air but this can be a major security risk! We've come up with one or two products that can enhance the security and improve window safety giving you the chance to stay cooler during the day and night! Not forgetting how important it can be to improve the safety of the window when children are present to prevent accidental falling!

Key Locking Window Restrictors

Suitable for uPVC Windows

uPVC Window Restrictor to improve window safety Click this link to view our R04 key locking window restrictor used on PVC and some aluminium windows to improve window safety. These fit between the window opener and the frame and are concealed when closed. Just insert the key to release the device for full window opening. When you close the window the device automatically re-engages so the next time you open the window it is locked again to the pre-set gap! View more window restrictors or read our customer FAQs on window safety restrictors.

Snap Lock Window Restrictors

Suitable for uPVC/Aluminium Windows

Finger release window restraintWatch our video on the R02 upvc window restrictor here. This has been designed to fit between the frames on a PVC window and doesn't need a key. The arm engages into the block to ensure a locked position and this can be unlocked by using an outward two fingered release. Good to avoid tampering by small children! The gap is dependent upon where you fit the device along the window line. We've got even simpler child safe restrictors for uPVC windows if needed.

Window Stay Locks

Suitable for Wood Windows with Stays

Window Stay Lock for Secure VentilationClick to view Handlestore's Window peg stays. Window stay locks are for timber or wood windows with stays. Using a peg stay you can simply change the pin over to this locking pin and lock it down! Available in brass, satin chrome and polished chrome! Buy the window stays and get £2 off each window stay lock! Sash Window Locks.


Sash Window Restrictors

Suitable for Sliding Sash Windows

Sash window restrictor stops Click here for the SW08 sash window restrictor. Used on sliding windows this simple device screws into the frame each side to stop the window at a sensible ventilation gap. Supplied with 4 grub screw fixing lugs for screwing into the window and two sash stops with a key. We also supply a vast range of sash window locks.


Night Vent Keeps

Suitable for uPVC Cockspur Handles

Night vent keep for upvc windows. Click here to see our new night vent keep for use with cockspur window handles on the older styled upvc windows. These simple little keeps are easily fitted and work with most types of upvc cockspur handles. If you want to leave your window open then the handle can also be locked when in position! Buy the cockspur handles and get 50% off each night vent keep!


Trickle vents

Suitable for All Types Of Windows

Trickle vents for double glazed windows. follow the link to view our vast range of aluminium and upvc window vents. These vents come in all sizes and many colours for all the different replacements likely to be found on double glazed windows and doors. All the latest colours including grey along with pull cord variants are available, not to forget some are made from aluminium for added strength. We also supply a vast range of external canopies.


Hold Open/Lock Door Restrictors

Suitable For Conservatory Doors (uPVC)

Conservatory upvc door restrictors Want to view this best seller! The R12 conservatory door restrictor fits into any door with a multi-point lock mechanism like those found typically on a uPVC door. Easy to fit the R12 holds the door in any position from just under 90 degrees to 135 degrees. This is a must for any conservatory door to stop the door swinging in the gentle summer breeze! We also supply cabin hooks for fixed door restrictors to bolt back the door into a fixed wall.

Vibration Alarm

Suitable For All Windows & Doors

Window alarm Follow this link to see our vibration glass alarm. If you are leaving your window open at night or in the day and even if you have a lock on the open window then consider fitting the vibration alarm to the glass or the frame. Easy to fit with an adhesive label and can be adjusted for sensitivity when the cat tries to get in! Ideal early warning system with a sticker to tell burglars where to go (hopefully)! See also our contact alarm for doors!