Window Hinges

Our collection of hinges and stays is a comprehensive range of products offering many replacement possibilities for both doors and windows. In order to find the most appropriate hinge or stay you can view the various categories below as we highlight the main items within each display panel. Over the years there have been so many different types of hinges for double glazed windows and timber casement windows too so finding the right type and size can be daunting. Customers find that the Cotswold and Securistyle upvc window hinges have been the most popular over the years and these can still be replaced with most standard type window hinges. Thankfully doors are a little easier as the good old butt hinge is still widely used and is fairly standardised across the sizes.

Types of hinges and types of stays

Over the years the teminology for different stays and hinges has become very industry specific so be aware that when looking for a window stay it can have different meanings. We have produced a little guide to help you get to grips with the types of stays available.