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Trickle Vents

Welcome to the HandleStore range of trickle vents for the replacement of existing, tired, missing or broken slot vents found on double glazed windows. Our aluminium vents (look for the reference VAL) have thermal seals to stop draughts when closed. These trickle vents are screwed to the frame and can be operated by simple finger control. There is so much to offer in this quality range of vents that our Technical team have come up with a quick guide on how to fit trickle vents to help you find the size and colour you need along with the technical information you may need regarding any air flow stipulations like EA values (Equivalent Area). We are always introducing more sizes, brands and colours to the range like a new and popular grey coloured trickle vent. We've also introduced aluminium trickle vents where more strength is needed as well as cord operated trickle vents for those hard to reach windows. Buy replacement trickle vents here.

How To Install Trickle Vents

Replacement of existing trickle vents is a relatively simple matter that involves only a few measurements and a simple installation. These tips will help you:

  • Finding a manufacturers marking on the trickle vent itself is a good start as the sizes and fixings can be in the same place (if you are lucky).

  • Even if you have found the trickle vent manufacturer you can still measure up and find a suitable size of vent that will cover the existing slot or slots you have now. This won't limit you to finding something that may not be there any more.

  • All of the trickle vents we sell are screw fix types but you can also get push-on or clip-in types. These can be released by a little bit of manipulation but we always think it is stronger to screw fix the vents to the window and that is easy enough to do as they are self tapping screws, so just need a small pilot hole like a size of 2mm.

  • Use our retrofitting trickle vents guide to find the size of trickle vent you need. Measure from the ends of the slots and allow enough for a screw fix each side. This guide will also give you the EA ratings of each if you do have stipulations particularly when having new windows done.

Retrofitting trickle vents to existing windows is however a lot more trickier to do and may be beyond basic do-it-yourself skills. Here are some pointers to help you think about the task ahead.

  • Check the glass line before drilling as the glass is hidden behind the frame rebate. Measurements and marking out is crucial.

  • Take the window out of the frame if it is easier particularly if you decide the vent is the best option to place the vent otherwise it will be done in the head of the window where there is no interference from the glass

  • If installing trickle vents to upvc frames then be aware there may be a metal reinforcement section inside the window frame cavities which will make it harder to get through. Timber is the easiest material to install trickle vents to but aluminium windows are very difficult and may not be possible.

  • Be aware of any building regulations for trickle vents that may apply and particularly gas vents as these must meet a specific air flow area and must be left open.

How Do Trickle Vents Work

The concept is easy enough to understand as a slot is cut through the window and a vent cover is placed on the inner and the outer side of the window. The trickle vent on the inside is controllable in that you can usually switch them on or off (not so for some installations like where gas vents are fitted as an example). Different manufacturers have different trickle vents designs as Greenwood trickle vents are a more direct open and close action compared to the Titon trickle vents which can be adjusted to direct the air flow up or down or open and closed.

Quick Tips & Links
  • To replace your trickle vents just measure the slots in the frame or use our Size Guide. These are all screw fixed.


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