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VXR4000 Recessed Flush Trickle Vent

From £6.16
From £6.16
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  • Recessed Flush Trickle Vents for Wooden Windows

  • Replacement vent for those recessed flush vents found on some timber windows!
  • Titon trickle vent in a 351mm length with two fixings at 335mm.
  • Trimvent XR16 model window vent with a rating of 4600 EA (Equivalent Area). 
  • How to fit trickle vents - a short guide.
  • Buy white or brown colour options.
  • Supplied with appropriate screws for fixing to timber windows.
  • Sold as an internal trickle air vent cover only. Seperate external canopy available.

More Information on VXR4000 Recessed Flush Trickle Vents


Manufactured by Titon this recessed 4000 flush trickle vent is used widely on timber windows where the frame has been routed to a slot and where the trickle vent can sit flush to the frame and still operate! It's also much easier to paint around the vents as the vent can be easily masked when decorating.

Normal surface mounted trickle vents can't be used where recessed flush trickle vents are needed as they won't open correctly. The VXR4000 trickle vent has a different motion that allows it to move forward and away from the frame making it suitable for these applications. Take care to ensure the size is correct for the outer dimension as there have been several sizes used although the 4000 type is the most common trickle vents size for this type of application.

EA Rating: 4600. This is the amount of actual air passage using the combination of the vent, slot sizes and external canopy. This air vent is available in a 351mm length and 335mm fixing centres. Suits a recessed slot of 21mm width.

Fitting replacement flush trickle vents is easy as the slot will already be in place and the vent will drop straight into the slot. Only two fixing screws are needed and these are easily applied with screw cover caps then clipped into place for a professional looking job. If you don't have the slot but require these flush trickle vents then with careful observation to find a suitable position on the frame and then with careful routing it is possible to fit them. 

Christmas Delivery: Our dispatch dates continue upto 2pm on Thursday 23rd December. We will also be dispatching on Thursday 30th December to help with orders placed through Xmas, and then from Tuesday 4th January 2022.

European Deliveries are currently suspended.

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