We've a great range of screws for window and door applications. If spare screws are needed for any of our hardware items then this is the place to find it!

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Where are sleeve bolts used?

They are useful for a lot of applications but particularly where there are large voids in interior doors at the point where fixings are needed. The bolts basically screw together and clamp the handles together.

Are the upvc door handle screws always a 5mm thread?

A lot of the upvc door handles use an M5 thread and those that don't are specified as such. Some 4mm screws can still be found and you will also find 6mm screws on some security handles.

Are the grommets strong enough for cavity fixing?

They certainly are in the case of pvc windows and doors, and are a great way to anchor many of the hardware items fitted to pvc profiles where a stripped thread may be the problem. When fitted they will leave the depth of the shoulder above the surface of the frame so be aware of this before fitting.

Why are there two types of screws for upvc window hinges?

The self-tapper screw is slightly larger than the one you may have taken out of your window so gives the advantage of a repair to the fixing point. The other screw type has a drill point and the thread is closer together. This will be needed should you encounter any metal reinforcement inside the chamber of the pvc window you are fixing to. The packs we provide are an equal split and allow you to compare the ones that you are taking out to be sure the correct screws are being used to replace the hinge. The fixing of hinges is very important so should be carefully undertaken.

Why is there no screws provided with my espag handles?

With some of the older espag locks the screw threads can be a different size so be very difficult to match up. If your existing espag screws are still in good shape then re-use them as they will be the correct thread and length. More modern day espag locks use a M5 thread and these are available to order separately and in different lengths.

Why do your letterboxes use woodscrews?

Some of our upvc letterbox models use the woodscrew thread as this will cut a thread pattern into a raw pilot hole in the other side of the letterbox. This method has been used for over 20 years and very successfully. When ordering a upvc letterbox be very careful to order the correct screw length otherwise it could split the casing if it is too big. More details are available within the details of the letterbox itself should these be needed.

Are the grub screws a standard size for interior door handles?

They do tend to be a M5 size (5mm) on most modern day handles but be aware that some grub screws are different with either a spike or a flat end depending on the spindle being used within the handle.