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uPVC Door Handles - Lever/Lever

An exceptional range of UPVC Door Handles are available at HandleStore.com. Look out for our high quality upvc handles marked with a 10 year mechanical guarantee! We have a huge selection of replacement upvc door handles for you to choose from, in a variety of different designs, fittings and colours. Browse through our superb range today! All of our upvc door handles are suitable as replacements for double glazed doors (lift to lock) like Anglian and Everest and many more where the levers operate off one spindle. If they operate off two spindles then you need upvc offset door handles.  These exterior door handle sets are pairs and all have a lever on the inside and outside and are universal handing so can be mounted either way around on the door (some exceptions will be advised). 

uPVC Door Handles and how to replace them

The replacement upvc door handles market is a difficult one at the best of times as many manufacturers now no longer make the old lock sizes that are needed. To successfully find the correct handles therefore requires a bit of patience, study and a measuring tape! The reason why the correct replacement handles have to be found is that the position of the euro lock can vary as can the screw fixings. These will pass through the lock case with little clearance and so anything that does not match up will not fit. In the first instance it would make sense to try and find a manufacturers marking as they can sometimes be stamped inside the backplate but failing that use a tape measure and measure up the old fashioned way.

uPVC Door Handles 92mm

The 92mm size upvc door handle is a reference to the size between the lock and the lever and is pretty much the standard size adopted by UK manufacturers today. This important size is sometimes referred to as pz or 92pz as would be the case here. However, that will not be enough when it comes to replacement upvc door handles as the positions of the screws will also be needed and these can vary between the 92mm upvc door handles available. For instance you could walk into b&q, Wickes or Homebase and you won't find some of the older 92mm upvc door handles where the fixings need to suit older locks. To help you why not use our guide on how to measure upvc door handles and assess the important sizes from the comfort of your own living room.

Stainless Steel uPVC Door Handles

If you are looking for higher than normal resistance to weathering then consider our popular range of stainless steel door handles for both upvc and wooden doors. You can select from several popular sizes from our upvc door handle collection that includes the high grade 316 stainless for coastal environments with a 25 year guarantee!

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  • Upvc door handles where the levers are inline. Measure the positions of the key-hole, lever and screws.


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  4. White Semi Gloss (20)
  5. Chrome Polished (13)
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  7. Gold Polished PVD (1)
  8. Brass Polished (9)
  9. Chrome Satin (2)
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Lever to Lock Size - uPVC
  1. 47mm (1)
  2. 68mm (4)
  3. 70mm (3)
  4. 92mm (18)
  5. 117mm (1)
  6. Universal (1)
Lever to Top Screw - uPVC
  1. 21mm (8)
  2. 65mm (1)
  3. 70mm (2)
  4. 75mm (6)
  5. 85mm (1)
  6. 95mm (1)
  7. 106mm (2)
  8. 107mm (5)
  9. 118mm (1)
Screw Centres - uPVC
  1. Universal (1)
  2. 122mm (7)
  3. 162mm (1)
  4. 180mm (1)
  5. 200mm (2)
  6. 211mm (2)
  7. 215mm (10)
  8. 240mm (3)
  9. 265mm (1)
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