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When your uPVC front door handles break you need to act quickly which is why we make the process of finding a replacement handle as easy as possible. Using our How To Measure uPVC Door Handles guide will help you as will the filters below to get you to the upvc front door handle you need. 

uPVC Front Door Handles Use Euro Cylinders

Upvc doors are very different to exterior door handles on most older wooden doors and this is simply down to the lock used. UPVC front door handles use a euro cylinder and a euro lock to turn the locks whereas the old timber front doors use a mortice lock. These are very different lock types and helps to understand why the euro lock has been labelled as a lock for upvc doors. When choosing a set of upvc door handles you will need to look for the bulb shaped cut out in the backplate which is 17mm at its widest point and this is the euro design. Once you know what you are looking for in the general sense you can then start to wittle it down further by applying the next layer of logic and that is the lock inside your front door will be a certain PZ size (size between the spindle or lever centre and the centre of the euro lock in millimetres). These break down into the following most common PZ sizes: 92pz upvc door handles, 70pz upvc door handles, 68pz upvc door handles and 47pz upvc door handles. That isn't the end of matters by any means as you now need to find the positional sizes of the fixings screws and replicate this in the new handle. Everything has to match in order to replace your upvc front door handles and this can take some considerable time and cost unfortunately. Referring to our measuring guide above will help you overcome these issues in the quickest possible fashion and remember to be accurate through out this whole replacement process. You can find branded handles like Mila uPVC door handles and other reputable brands but be sure to check the sizes as manufacturers produce different size sets to fit different locks.

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