If you are looking at how to fit a upvc door handle then you have arrived at the page you need. This video is comprehensive but short enough to cover all the basic steps. These include how to measure upvc door handles emphasising the most important sizes. We also cover how to remove the upvc door handles from the door and change to new handles.

Setting about an installation like this is not beyond anyone but guidance and advice is very important from the start. The best advice here is to accurately check the sizes we show on the video and find those same sizes. Everything else is easy enough to do but consider changing your locks at the same time as the handles. Why? Your euro cylinder is most likely out of date and a security concern. Read more about locks and handles for upvc doors.

Replacing a uPVC Door Handle by Video

How To Replace a uPVC Handle With Different Fixing Sizes

The video above will show you how to fit a upvc door handle when that handle size is still available. What happens if the handle size set is no longer available? You have a few options like using repair upvc door handles or using a reputable local double glazing repairs company to do it for you. The latter may mean that you have to change the lock mechanism as well if you are very unlucky.

If you intend to DIY a new handle to your door then you need to find the same PZ measurement upvc door handle but with wider screw fixing points. This could allow you to drill new positions through the door for the screws. This should not be considered straightforward as you have to check there is no conflict from the lockcase inside the door before drilling. In order to check that you can re-drill you will need to release a few screws down the side of the door. Take care with this and make sure everything is refitted exactly in the same way.

You Will Need To remove The Cylinder

Then take the euro cylinder out of the door - this guide How To Replace a Euro Cylinder in a uPVC Door will help you do that. Once the strap for the multi-point lock is loose enough and the cylinder is out you can then pull the lockcase out sufficiently to see where it starts and finishes. Try and mark this on the door with a pencil. As long as the new handle has screw positions that are above and below these marks then it should be safe to drill new positions for the screws. Make sure the PZ is the correct one though! The PZ size is the size from the centre of the lock to the centre of the handle spindle.

At a minimum you will need a 10mm drill to drill through the PVC door and its inner chambers. This is because the lugs on the back of the handles are at least 10mm. To make sure you are not offline drilling then mark and drill to meet in the middle. If you are uncertain about your proficiency to do this then consult a reputable tradesman to help.

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