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Replacement upvc Door Handles - How To Replace them

How To find replacement upvc door handles.

Useful links: buy uPVC handles; how to measure upvc door handles

UPVC door handles tend to break between the lever and the back plate and as these are generally factory fitted you won't be able to re-assemble them so will need a replacement. Follow our guidance either on this page or using our 'How To Measure uPVC Door Handles' guide (see link at top) and the whole process of how to find replacement upvc door handles will become much easier.

I live in a coastal region and need handles that will stand up to corrosion - anything available?

There are now some stainless steel upvc door handles available in an external 316 grade and these are made for the job. It's important to ensure that the stainless steel is at least 316 on the external facing surfaces of the handle. There are very few handle finishes that can stand up to salt-air or pollutant environments but these have been tested along with PVD and Resista finishes. PVD, Resista and 316 grade stainless steel finishes and materials have some extensive guarantees working up to 25 years in some cases.

How easy is it to replace a set of upvc door handles?

We think it's very easy if you start from the right point. The hardest part is finding the correct replacement upvc door handles as they have to match on some key sizes as the screws, lock and spindle pass through a lockcase with minimal clearance. The easiest way is to use our guide on how to measure upvc door handles. The upvc handles are usually held onto the door by two screws so taking them apart and re-fitting is not difficult at all.

How do I know if I have the correct type of lock on my door?

Euro cylinder sizes for replacement upvc door handles.

If you have a bulb shaped cylinder for the key lock then it will most likely be a euro multi-point lock and this is the correct type of lock needed. You can check the sizes here for the standard euro lock outer size. All upvc door handles have this size of cylinder although the length of the cylinder lock does change and is a separate consideration when ordering euro cylinders. It is unlikely that that this shape of cylinder can be confused with anything similar as it is a unique design and size that can only be found on multi-point locks found on upvc, aluminium and some wooden doors. Changing your locks at the same time as the handles is not necessary unless you want new locks or to improve the security of the current lock.

How do I find the correct replacement upvc door handles to replace the one I have?

You need to take 3 measurements from your existing upvc door handle and make them as accurate as possible. This is very important as some of the positions have minimal clearance through the lockcase so you can't always re-drill those positions.

1. The size between the centre of the key hole (round part) and the centre of the lever.

2. The size between the centres of the two screws.

3. The size from the centre of the top screw to the centre of the lever.

When you have these measurements then search down the list of available handles or follow this upvc door handles measurement guide which will take you to the specific handle.

What is a lever/pad handle?

A handle comprising a lever on the inside of the door and a paddle on the outside. You usually find the lever and pad are offset in a lot of cases (not all cases) and this means the door will close in the locked position requiring a key to open each time from the outside. Lever pad upvc door handles are not as readily available these days but our range includes some of the more popular ones.

Are the handles handed and come as a pair?

Most are not handed, they are universal so they can be set up on the door either way around with the screws still on the inside. Where you do have to select the handing of the handle; then viewed from the outside if the hinges are on the left side of the door the handle is left handed and vice-versa for right handed. The replacement upvc door handles we sell are all pairs and all come with screws and spindle/s.

How do I remove the handle from the door?

It’s very simple. With the door in the open position just unscrew the fixing screws that are located on the inside face of the back plate using a Philips screwdriver (in most cases there are two fixing screws but occasionally three). When releasing the screws be aware that the handle lever and plate on the outside will work loose so be prepared to hold things together with one hand! The levers will slide off the spindle (s) or can be pulled apart gently. Keep all the parts together and don’t let the door shut until you are ready to replace the handle unit.

Can uPVC door handles be used for aluminium or timber doors?

Yes they can. However, the locks must be of a similar nature to that found on a PVC-U door and the only other difference will be the door thickness. Provided you supply the door thickness correctly and check the positioning of the fixing and key-hole centres then there should be no problem.

Why doesn’t my new replacement handle fit properly?

There are several key sizes that must be determined when changing your upvc door handles. You will need to re-check these from the size matrix for upvc door handles on this website.

The important sizes are the fixing centres, lever and key-hole dimensions and the thickness of the door. The latter establishes the length of spindle needed.

How important is it to get the sizes accurate?

Very. There are several ways you could approach this and remember that it is millimetre (mm) measurements required:

  • Measure the basic centre positions while the upvc handle is fixed to the door using a ruler or tape measure, or
  • Take the handle off and measure from behind the backplate, or
  • Take the handle off and draw around the backplate with a fine pencil on a piece of paper and measure it.

My new replacement upvc door handles sag when fitted?

Many replacement upvc door handles are supplied with a door spring cassette that helps to bring the handle lever to a horizontal position. Ensure that if this cassette is made available with your handle that it is inserted correctly within the backplate. Some handles will not have a spring mechanism and will be sold as an unsprung handle (check product details before purchase). If this is the case you can only rely on the lock spring to hold the position of the handle correctly and this should be the case in the vast majority. If your lock mechanism is fairly old there is a chance that the spring may have deteriorated and when used with an unsprung upvc door handle you will remain with a sagging handle. The only solution is to purchase a sprung handle or to replace the lock.

Why are there two spindles within my handle?

These are most usually found on the front door handles and isolate the inside handle from the outside handle. If you have this arrangement then keep the spindles and parts and re-insert them into the new handle.

How do you measure the door thickness?

When the door is open measure from the inside face of the opening door to the outside. This is the distance between the handle on the inside and the handle on the outside measured in millimetres. This needs to be reasonably accurate (within 2mm say).

Can I change from a pad to a lever?

Yes you can in some cases but there are fewer options. Some pads have two spindles and therefore you will need a lever/lever off-set lock case.

Are there replacement upvc door handles available with 3 fixing screws?

Yes. Primarily there are 3 fixing positions to further enhance the security of the upvc door. The vast majority of door handles have two fixing positions and therefore there will be a limited number of designs available with 3 fixing screws. Send an email with as many details of the hole positions as possible and we will do our best to find you a direct replacement.

Why is a French door handle different?

French door handles will be sent as a complete set of two pairs. One handle will be used for the main door and this will have the key-hole lock. The other door known as the slave door will have no key hole and this will be the only difference when viewing the handles apart from any handed positions i.e. left or right handed. You can use standard Lever/Lever handles but you will have to accept that both backplates will have key-hole cut-outs.

What can I use to clean the handles?

All you need is a soft dry cloth and this will keep the upvc door handle sufficiently clean. No chemical cleaners of any description should be used as this can degrade the finish coating.