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Key-to-enter uPVC Door handles!

Most people have uPVC door handles that effectively leave the door open, you maybe inside watching TV or socializing outside with family and friends but anyone could simply walk in from off the street.

If you have such a door handle arrangement then it is usually possible to change from a lever handle to a pad handle. A pad handle is generally off-set to the inner lever and operates a separate spindle. From the outside this means that you can lift the pad upwards to engage locks and then key lock. Pad handles cannot be pushed down thereby stopping people from entering you property by the handle.

What you will need to do is just take the uPVC door handle off and see if there is a second spindle hole about 20-30mm further down on the outside of the door. If there is then just follow the measuring guide for lever pad door handles.

If there isn’t, try taking the door lock out from the side of the door and check to see if the lock body has the extra hole lower down. If an extra hole lower down is identified you will then be able to drill through from the one side of the door to expose the spindle hole for its use.

If you don’t have this feature built into your lock then unfortunately this will mean changing the complete locking system or even the door itself!

White uPVC Door Handle

Satin Chrome uPVC Door Handle

Polished Brass uPVC Door Handle



Author: George Mitchell

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