Front Door Locks

If you are changing your front door locks then you may be making a very wise decision. It's always good to change your door locks from time to time and particularly when you move house. Our range of locks cover most of the requirements for high security these days as well as meeting the needs of insurance companies with stipulations for BS3621 5 lever locks and 3 star anti snap locks. When dealing with a upvc door lock you will almost always be requiring a change of euro cylinder. This is actually very easy to do and means in a matter of a few minutes you can upgrade your security. It's not quite so simple with the wooden doors where sashlocks are used. In some cases you will end up chipping away at the door to accommodate a new sashlock but this isn't neccesarily a difficult thing to do if you are diy inclined.

uPVC Door Locks

These locks are quite a complicated assembly as far as front door locks go, but thankfully the part where changing the keys is concerned is very easy. Just take out the old barrel and replace it with a higher specification euro cylinder. We have a short pictorial guide to help you with this and a very comprehensive range of sizes to make the selection easier. Checkout the euro cylinders page for the guide and the options available.

Wooden Door Locks

With wooden doors you will most likely encounter a rim cylinder nightlatch and a further deadlock or sashlock assembly on some doors. Rim cylinders can be easy enough to change if you just want to change the keys that is. By unscrewing the internal assembly nightlatch you will be able to release the outer lock rim cylinder and this is the part you need to change. Something like the DL20 rim cylinder is all you need and will come with 3 new keys in most cases.

Sashlocks are routed (or chiselled) into the door. They have a latch and a deadbolt to keep the door closed and locked. A simple key operation (the long key type) is then used to lock the door each time. A deadlock is effectively a sashlock but without the latch. These are used quite often on wooden front doors to comliment a rim cylinder nightlatch. It's a secondary lock that can be used when you are not in the house or at nightime when in the house. Actually insurance companies like these and do quote them all the time, so look out for a 5 lever BS3621 sashlock or deadlock to be present on your door. Some locks are 2 or 3 lever and these can be used for internal doors requiring less security. It's not recommended to use these on external facing doors. As an example you would pull the door closed allowing the rim cylinder nightlatch to close the door to a locked position and then turn the key in your sashlock/deadlock for security. You will need two keys to enter the door with this arrangement.

Quick Tips & Links

Use the filters located on this page to drill down into any specific types of front door locks and sizes needed.

I want to change the keys on my front door, how is this possible?

If it is a pvc door then just change the euro cylinder. If it is a timber door with a nightlatch/rim cylinder just change the rim cylinder part. If it is a sashlock then the lock case will need to be changed.

Can I fit a mortice sash lock to an interior door with a simple latch?

It wouldn't be a straight swap but you could chip out the inside of the door to take the bigger lock case. Standard latches are referred to as tubular latches and are only small face plate latches.

What types of latches and locks are available for interior doors?

A simple open and close latch is known as a tubular latch and is available in two main sizes of 2.5 inch and 3 inch. If you want to put a key on the door then you would need a mortice sash lock and these are generally 2 or 3 lever low security types. Euro cylinders can be used with a thumbturn lock case but not always ideal as a key is needed to enter an interior room each time (unless that is what required!). The bathroom lock has to work with a standard thumbturn lock, available separately.

Tubular door latch.

Tubular latch - the simplest and most popular interior door latch

Euro sashlock with thumbturn cylinder shown.

Euro cylinder lock case with a separate thumbturn cylinder.

Bathroom sashlock.

Bathroom lock cases are used with a thumbturn handle or escutcheon.

Mortice key sashlock.

Mortice sashlocks have a latch and a deadbolt, used on locking interior doors.

What types of locks and latches are available for exterior doors?

There are several types of door locks found on exterior doors.

  • Nightlatches with a rim cylinder are the most common type on a timber door and can also be used in conjunction with a deadbolt for added security.
  • Mortice sashlocks and deadbolts for timber doors have to be 5 lever BS3621 compliant for insurance purposes and are key operated. If security is required these are the door locks to use.
  • PVC and composite doors tend to be the most popular now and utilise a lock case that incorporates a euro cylinder. Turning the cylinder turns the multi-point locks around the door.

Mortice sashlock for exterior door.

5 lever mortice sashlock to BS3621 for exterior doors.

Mortice deadbolt door lock for exterior doors.

5 lever mortice deadbolt to BS3621 for exterior doors.

uPVC door lock for a upvc door.

Multi-point door lock case found on upvc doors.

Nightlatch with rim cylinder for exterior door.

Nightlatch with a rim cylinder found on timber exterior doors.

Can I use interior locks on external doors?

You can but it's not advisable as they are insecure. An exterior sashlock, for example, has 5 levers inside the lock so is more secure. An interior lock may only have 2 or 3 at best. Insurance companies always insist that BS3621 approved locks with 5 levers are used.

Can I just change the rim cylinder on my nightlatch?

Yes that can be done as all rim cylinders have a standard 'tongue' which fits into the back of any rim cylinder.

How easy is it fit a new upvc door lock?

The actual lock case is very difficult to replace as there are so many different types and this will invariably require the assistance of a professional repairs company. The actual euro cylinder is easy to fit and can be changed in two minutes.