Door Restrictors

Door restrictors come into their own during the summer months when the tendency is to keep doors open for ventilation and ease of use. Not all doors are the same though and here we bring together the possibilities for different door types with their application like conservatory door restrictors for upvc double doors or simple latches for occasional use like cabin hook restraints on either timber or upvc doors. The method used for securing such restraints is the key to a successful and long performing door restrictor and provided with each restrictor are the fixings you need as appropriate for upvc and timber type doors. When it comes to aluminium doors you will need to consider the use of rivets in this particular instance.

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R12 conservatory door restrictors can stay open at a pre-determined position.

Where are these restrictors used?

They are most suitable for upvc conservatory doors. These restrictors need a channel groove to locate within so they can be positioned to operate correctly (most uPVC or double glazed doors with multi-point locks generally have this feature). They can also be used on upvc front and back doors and can be used for inward or outward opening swing.

Can I use them on wooden doors?

If these are conventional timber doors then you won't be able to use them. Even if you cut a channel into the head of the door the rebate won't be correct and you will end up with a gap at the top of the door.

How easy is it to fit to fit these restrictors to a upvc conservatory?

You need a mild degree of diy tendency. It is all about getting the positioning correct and a suitable set of instructions are provided to help you do this. You will need to drill small holes for the self-tapping screws once you have the position correct.

Will these restrictors hold open a conservatory door in gusty strong winds?

The question is why would you want to leave a door open in a strong wind? These are very practical and well built restrictors that are made to stop the door closing under normal breeze conditions.

Can you adjust the restricted opening position?

You can adjust the position but it is a fixed position once fitted unless you re-drill the position again. You will need to assess how you want this to work, for example to avoid hitting a sill or a brick wall that may be next to the door opening. The maximum opening is 120 degrees.

Are the cabin hook restrictors any good?

They are a budget means of keeping a door tied back to a fixed position. They can break if too much force is exerted on them and you will need to put small holes into the door for fixing which isn't always something customers are keen on with upvc.

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