Pewter Door Furniture

Hand forged steel based pewter effect door furniture is now available for door knockers, door handles, letterplates and much more. Pewter styled ironmongery is no longer a thing of the past!

Quick Tips & Links

This page shows all the types of pewter effect door furniture whether handles, knobs or letterplates.

Are your handles actually made from Pewter?

They are not made from pewter rather a collection of metal alloys that are developed into a pewter effect. The end result is a stunning and persuasive look of traditional pewter ironmongery.

How durable is the pewter effect finish?

Extremely durable on interior as well as exterior doors. The finish is applied using an electro-plating process followed by a stove lacquering process.

How are these handles made?

All of the ironmongery items in our pewter collection are hand made using the old techniques of blacksmithing that would have been found in this country during the early days of manufacturing.

Are your pewter door handles sprung?

They are indeed sprung and carefully designed not to affect any of the period features; yet bring modern practicality into their design. Without springs these heavy handles would droop and affect the door lock spring mechanism.

Do I need to buy special latches or locks?

The door handles will work with any normal door latch typically found on interior and exterior doors. They operate via an 8mm spindle which is the norm for most door handles.

Do you have an extended range of cabinet handles to match the ironmongery?

We do have a range of pewter effect cupboard hardware items and can also match pewter window furniture in the same design.