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Stainless Steel

A collection of interior and exterior grade stainless steel door handles. An ever expanding range of the much sought after stainless steel door fittings with excellent corrosion properties ranging from 201 stainless steel door handles for mostly internal use or mild/moderate use externally, 304 high resistance stainless steel but not ideal in chlorine/coastal areas to the king of all stainless steel handles the 316 which has very high resistance to coastal applications. Marine Grade Stainless Steel Door Handles are ideal for coastal applications where the sea air can degrade most things metallic! The 316 grade of stainless is made for such environments including high pollutant areas. Now you can choose from backplated door handles, lever rose door handles and upvc door handles in three common sizes all with the extra corrosion resistance built in! All accessories available whether the handle is for a bathroom or front door, we have got what you need! Be sure to check our ever expanding range as we bring you the best solutions as great value for money!

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  • Check Grades of Stainless. 201 mostly Internal use, 304 for external non-coastal and 316 for coastal areas.


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